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OATUG Forum Online: EBS Support Extended, Platform Solving Array of Shifting Company Needs

By Deborah Grant posted 04-22-2020 17:30


Though Cloud applications get a lot more press, Oracle EBS is still the platform of choice for many of the world’s largest and most complex entities. Oracle’s Cliff Godwin, Sr. Vice-President of Product Development, kicked off the OATUG Forum Online on Monday with these eye-opening stats on what just a handful of customers are doing with the power of EBS:

  • U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services processes 4.5 million claim transactions and issues $1.58 billion in payments daily.
  • Dell processes more than 22 M orders worldwide annually.
  • Starbucks manages its global supply chain for 30K stores, 45 distribution centers and 8 plants, including processing 1M order lines within 90 minutes every day for their U.S. operations.
  • GE Healthcare manages its operations for medical devices with more than 12K users across 75 plants.
  • UK NHS (National Health Service) pays about 1.7 million people.
  • Express Scripts ships about 416K prescriptions per day on average.
  • Citigroup manages $2B procurement spend over 200K employees in 87 countries.

He also announced further extension of the EBS premier support window – now guaranteed at least through 2031.  Thus corporations are assured they can securely stay with EBS on premise while selecting their best path for moving to the Cloud when they are fully prepared to do so.

Even in the midst of this challenging time, there is much IT departments can do to strengthen and expand their company’s ability to respond to the marketplace’s requirements. On Wednesday morning, Nadia Bendjedou, Oracle Vice-President of Product Strategy, shared in her presentation that she has heard from many that there is a similarity between COVID-19’s impact and how Oracle users responded in 2008 during that financial crisis. She’s hearing from the field that Oracle customers may not be able to invest in major IT changes right now. However, by utilizing EBS, upgrading to 12.2 for the latest features and functionality, and taking the next step to OCI, users can “pay as you go,” optimize, and consolidate what they have now for increased speed, elasticity, and advanced operational functionality.

This just scratches the surface of the insights being shared this week! Oracle experts have already conducted several deep dives on the functionality of EBS’s Enterprise Command Center, iProcurement and more. It’s not too late to register for and jump into the OATUG Online Forum – all breakout sessions are being recorded and are available on demand to registrants.