Want to do some good together?

  • 1.  Want to do some good together?

    Posted 05-28-2020 22:34
    Hopefully you saw some of our messages about the donation drive OATUG launched just before Memorial Day weekend! We're rallying this community in service of another -- the growing community of military families facing financial difficulties. Operation Homefront is a top-rated charity that serves those families in direct and meaningful ways, and we were moved to try to help. Our @Linsey Wisdom posted a great blog about it earlier today. (Check it out!) 

    We're hoping to get 500 people to give just $20 each before the end of May. Honestly, we have a long way to go to reach that goal, and we're running out of time. But if you can help us along -- however close we come to that $10,000 total -- we'll be making a bigger impact together. ​​

    And as Linsey said in her blog, whether or not you can give anything, would you help spread the word? You'll find posts from OATUG on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter that you can share if you want to keep it super simple. Or write your own message! Just direct folks to:
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    Donate to Operation Homefront
    Times are tough for just about everyone- including the military families served by Operation Homefront. Members of the OATUG user community have proven time and again that we can anticipate and meet needs under the most challenging of circumstances. Let's do that here. Let's do that now. Let's do some good...together.
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