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FW: Modernization for EDI

  • 1.  FW: Modernization for EDI

    Posted 06-10-2020 10:30

    I am being asked by my management to reflect back how our traditional EDI services between our customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders can be 'modernized.'   Ie Instead of passing stagnant data to be passing active data.  Example from our API specialists is to move purchase order data as it is created instead of waiting to extract the POO file from Ecommerce Gateway on a periodic basis.   Is anyone else approaching this concept and how?   



    Anita Palmer
    Corporate IT Common Services – Oracle Customer EDI & Order Mangement

    Cummins Inc.

    Sears Office Building, MC94000

    Columbus, IN 47201




  • 2.  RE: FW: Modernization for EDI

    Posted 06-11-2020 08:51
    A fellow Hoosier!  I suspect every company is being stressed to shorten lead times in all their processes.  Our company doesn't use many of the classic EDI processes I assume Cummin's engages in...but my company is always looking at finding ways to shorten our data and communication wait times.  As an example, we currently send our customer order acknowledgments out in  batch at night (this was due to doing fax transmissions)...with the R12 upgrade we are currently in the middle of, we plan to send out the acknowlegement immediately after the order is eligible.

    But being faster brings it's own and more frequent change orders.

    I would hope your management has a more specific end goal:  what is the one process that if you shortened the time on could become a game changer for how you do business?  Other than a full comprehensive audit on your process flows, I'd find out what the biggest current pain point your company has with respect to process speed and focus all my efforts there.

    Dean Miller
    Manager of ERP Technology
    OFS Brands, Inc
    Huntingburg IN
    (812) 827-1030

  • 3.  RE: FW: Modernization for EDI

    Posted 06-11-2020 09:23
    This is very good topic to discuss.

    I am still amazed to see why EDI is still being used by many companies.  In terms of Oracle world initiate the transaction when it occurs. This may not be best approach for other legacy system where it is batch processing instead of transaction based process. But the technology is grown up and i still don't understand why companies wants to use EDI. 

    Apart from this if you want to implement transaction based data transfer for e-commerce or some other systems then I consider best approach is using Rest API services.

    Balaji Kandru
    Director Oracle E-Business
    Kravet Inc.
    Bethpage NY
    (516) 293-2000

  • 4.  RE: FW: Modernization for EDI

    OATUG Star Partner
    Posted 06-11-2020 18:56
    I didn't use it myself yet, but there is EBS standard functionality in the XML Gateway responsibility to provide real-time integration with other systems:

    Andy Haack
    Managing Director
    Küsnacht, Switzerland