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adpatch and defaults file issue/question

  • 1.  adpatch and defaults file issue/question

    Posted 06-22-2020 18:06
    Over the years I have tried to setup the defaults file for use when running adpatch but it just never seemed to work like it should for me so I thought I would revisit is again and ask the group for feedback.

    What I have tried is this:
    adpatch defaultsfile=$APPL_TOP/admin/$INST/defaults.txt and then I was told to type 'abort' when it prompts for the 'default directory' (ie. just after the Enter the directory where your Oracle Applications patch has been unloaded prompt.

    Then I try and run adpatch with options like this: 
    adpatch defaultsfile=$APPL_TOP/admin/$INST/defaults.txt logfile=28685719.log patchtop=/stage/patchtop//28685719 interactive=no workers=4

    But adpatch knows my last patch didn't complete so I get this sort of output:
    Your previous AutoPatch session did not run to completion.

    Do you wish to continue with your previous AutoPatch session ?

    AutoPatch could not find a response to the above prompt
    or found an incorrect response in the defaults file.

    You must run AutoPatch in an interactive session
    and provide a correct value.

    You should check the file

    So what I found was if I add 'abandon=yes' to my command and run it again then it works and then I can now run adpatch and provide it with my defaults file and the patch and log name and it finally works like I hoped it would but it seems like it shouldn't be that hard and I am perhaps doing something wrong.  Anyone use this feature?

    Mark Schlechte
    City of Regina
    Regina SK

  • 2.  RE: adpatch and defaults file issue/question

    SIG Leader
    Posted 06-23-2020 13:04

    The assumption with adpatch and an aborted patch is that you want to continue it.  Which is why they tend to ask you twice.

    When I use a defaults file, here's what I do:

    unzip p1234567*.zip
    cd 1234567
    adpatch defaultsfile=${DEFAULTSFILE} logfile=${LOGFILENAME} patchtop=`pwd` interactive=no workers=4

    However, even with that, if you "abort" a patch, it will bail out because the prompt to the "do you want to continue" isn't defined in the defaults file.  The recommendation is usually that, if you abort, then either run with "abandon=yes" or run the next patch interactively.

    James Morrow
    BlueStone Solutions Group, Inc.
    Overland Park KS
    (913) 538-1322