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  • 1.  Forms Monitoring for EBS 12.1.3

    Posted 12-30-2020 07:54 AM
    I am interested in finding out what tools people may be using for forms monitoring in EBS 12.1.3.  We currently use Oracle's Real User Experience Insight (RUEI), but are having some issues with it that we are having a hard time resolving.  Thank you.

    Tim Burt
    ERP Manager
    Graco Inc
    Minneapolis MN
    (612) 623-6011

  • 2.  RE: Forms Monitoring for EBS 12.1.3

    OATUG Star Partner
    Posted 01-11-2021 06:10 AM
    Hi Tim,

    I do not know much about RUEI, or the exact issues you are facing but there are several monitoring tools in the market that deliver varying levels of success. So it all really depends on your specific challenges, how detailed you need the monitoring data to be, and how granular you want to go.

    Our CTO actually specializes in EBS testing and monitoring, I'd be happy to schedule you a call to review your challenges and see if we can steer you in the right direction. 

    Elizabeth Pearl

  • 3.  RE: Forms Monitoring for EBS 12.1.3

    CO19 Speaker
    Posted 04-06-2021 07:55 AM
    Hi Tim,

    what exactly do you need to monitor? Are you and your team aware of the built in functionalities in Oracle EBS? Do you know the Forms Monitoring in Oracle Applications Manager? Are you aware of the alerting functionlities?

    Other products could be:
    OEM - with the Application Managment Pack for EBS
    Oracle Management Cloud


    Kai Glittenberg
    Solution Architect Cloud Services
    Apps Associates
    (491) 603-655544

  • 4.  RE: Forms Monitoring for EBS 12.1.3

    OATUG Star Partner
    Posted 05-01-2021 11:19 AM
    Edited by Andy Haack 05-01-2021 11:19 AM
    Hi Tim

    If you are looking for Forms perfornance monitoring, e.g. to identify which users were waiting on a specific form for a slow SQL statement execution, the easiest method would be using a session history report in Excel: with a pivot to identify the slowest SQLs or individual users/Forms waiting times.
    If you would like to monitor user login activity, you can use use the following report, which is based on the fnd_logins and icx_sessions table:


    Andy Haack
    Managing Director

  • 5.  RE: Forms Monitoring for EBS 12.1.3

    Posted 05-04-2021 01:43 PM

    Hi Tim,


    Consider trying R12 Page Access Tracking:


    Page Access Tracking in Oracle Applications Release 12 (Doc ID 402116.1)

    From the intro:

    Page Access Tracking allows administrators to track application usage statistics and perform Web site traffic analysis.

    Examples of available reports:

    • Access reports for a given application, responsibility and/or user across the Oracle Applications Framework, JTF, and Forms tech stacks
    • Page Performance reports per mid-tier node
    • Page access flow chart for a given user session
    • Search reports based on several filter criteria

    Hope that helps,