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Payables Invoice Approval

  • 1.  Payables Invoice Approval

    Posted 11-03-2020 10:31 AM

    We are planning to implement Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR). In preparation for our project, we are going over our current Payables Invoice Approval process.  We would like to sure that we understand options available to us, and that we will be making optimal use of the application for Invoice approval.  We are interested in speaking with Oracle Users, currently live on the system, to understand how they have integrated the application with the approval process.

    Our Approval process is currently handled outside of the application.  We plan to automate the process via Oracle workflow and Approval Hierarchies.

    Moris Bardach
    Manager of Financial Systems
    American Institute of Physics
    College Park MD
    (301) 209-3152

  • 2.  RE: Payables Invoice Approval

    Oracle Ace Director
    Posted 11-04-2020 08:08 AM
    Take a look at this presentation to give you a head start.  It's very important to understand your business rules for approval and document them in flows.  This will streamline your project and ensure your rules are built for efficiency. 

    Enforcing Business Rules With Approvals Management (AME) in OM, GL, PO, AP and User Management

    Susan Behn
    VP of Oracle Applications Delivery
    Infosemantics, Inc.
    Grapevine TX
    (214) 282-9224