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27 days ago

Panelist Information: Sebastian John, Head of Application Architecture at Qatar Foundation,
Recording Date: Wednesday, February 26, 2020, 11:00 am ET
Duration: 60 minutes
Qatar Foundation is on an inspiring digital transformation journey which has delivered several unique regional and global firsts. The success so far can be accredited to the amazing and dedicated professionals who have taken the opportunity that comes with risk.
This webinar was presented by Sebastian John, Head of Application Architecture at Qatar Foundation, and he discussed this journey and their successful migration of E-Business Suite and other applications to Oracle Cloud.

one month ago

Panelist Information: Charity Burrell, Burgelectric
Recording Date: Thursday, February 20, 2020, 3:00 pm ET
Duration: 1 hour
Every software roll-out is a construction project. From understanding the desired end result to building the basic foundation of the project to testing the various systems and educating the end-user on the use of what you built. Let me share with you what I have learned from several larger roll-outs in E-Business Suites Projects when it comes to turning over the project on time, within budget and providing the end-user with the desired end result. The presentation will also discuss methods to ensure that the end-user adapts to the new software and/or processes put in place to support the software.

•Understand The Requirements
•Determine The Solution
•Measure Success of the Project
•Construction & Acceptance Testing
•Operation & Maintenance Manuals
•Measure Your Success

one month ago

Panelist Information: Manasi Puranik, Product Management Director - Oracle, & Sista Sivaramakrishna, Principal Product Manager - Oracle
Recording Date: Tuesday, February 18, 12:00 pm ET
Duration: 1 hour
Learn about Oracle EBS' new features for dashboard capabilities. Oracle EBS has added an Enterprise Command Center to its applications, including Cost Management for both Discrete and Process modules. Learn how this can improve your visibility for Cost Accounting and backlog for your weekly and month-end tasks. Identify and act on priority transactions without custom reporting. Better ability to manage and monitor your period close processes, including all of those pesky transaction interfaces! With no additional license costs!
This webinar was presented by the Cost Management SIG.
#Cloud Profitability & Cost Management

one month ago

Panelist Information: Cam Larner and Skip Straus, Absolute Technologies
Recording Date: Wednesday, February 12, 2020, 12:00 pm
Duration: 1 hour
Controls over Oracle EBS User Access and Activity are a challenge for public auditors and internal audit. EBS is hugely complex, and it's a moving target. The goal is to have controls that protect the business assets and financial reports, business and IT processes, and the integrity of EBS itself. Auditors must balance business risks against the cost and operational burden of the controls.

This presentation looks at controls over how EBS users access EBS and what they do within the application. We'll look at how to recognize problems and impact. Sometimes problems can be masked or overlooked. Fortunately, auditors can query EBS itself to answer many questions about what users can potentially and actually do, how business activities are divided among users (SOD), and whether user controls are efficient.
You will gain insight into the following -

• The problems user access and activity controls address.
• How to weigh the problem risks and look for mitigating controls.
• How to look at access control, and how to limit access to what individuals need to fulfill their job roles.
• Access control components that are often overlooked.
• How to determine who changed EBS data, and pick out exception situations for detail review.
• How to evaluate segregation of duties controls intended to prevent fraudulent business activities and damaging EBS configurations.
• How auditors can increase their independence and EBS support staff can reduce their audit support workload.
• Key operational performance indicators for access and activity controls can be the foundation for continuous improvement, reducing risk and costs.

one month ago

Panelist Information: David Welch and Tom Leonard
Recording Date: Tuesday, February 11, 2020, 11:00 am - 12:30 pm
Duration: 90 minutes
All international shipments are regulated, some more than others. A shipper must determine if an item can legally be imported to a country, and what documents (invoices, licenses, certificates, and statements) must travel with the shipment. This webinar will provide ideas on how better manage these decisions by configuring Oracle GTM document determination and regulatory eligibility processes. We will cover several heavily regulated industries from an export and import perspective.

The presentation was provided by David Welch, Manager with Inspirage and Tom Leonard, also with Inspirage.

David has 20 years’ experience with Oracle EBS – Order Management, OTM, GTM, Endeca, iStore, Planning, Procurement, Manufacturing, and Item Master. Business experience includes managing supply chain, logistics, and trade compliance in several regulated industries: Oil& Gas, Mining, Medical Devices, and Aerospace. Project experience includes both from a business user perspective and consulting perspective. Credentials include US Licensed Customs Broker, prior Dangerous Goods certification for US and Canada for all transport modes.

Tom has 30 years’ experience in business software including 25 years in TMS and 19 years with OTM.

one month ago

Presenters Information: Vir Jain & Gordon Halley
Recording Date: Wednesday, January 29, 12:00 pm ET 
Duration: 1 Hour 

Take the risk and unknown out of upgrading the E-Business Suite through the use of ConfigSnapshot. ConfigSnapshot covers all versions of the E-Business Suite from 11.0.3 to current (12.2.9) and will show what changes have or will be made on your EBS environments as a result of upgrading or patching. It can also be used to automatically and consistently apply configuration updates on each upgrade iteration and then ultimately on the production upgrade. Where your production downtime window is short this removes the risk and potential delay.Take the risk and unknown out of upgrading the E-Business Suite through the use of ConfigSnapshot. ConfigSnapshot covers all versions of the E-Business Suite from 11.0.3 to current (12.2.9) and will show what changes have or will be made on your EBS environments as a result of upgrading or patching. It can also be used to automatically and consistently apply configuration updates on each upgrade iteration and then ultimately on the production upgrade. Where your production downtime window is short this removes the risk and potential delay.

The session will touch on the following standard features: customization identification and upgrade impact on the code (and how to fix), generation of pre and post upgrade BR100s, cross version setup compares, change tracking, setup load / update automation and a review of the user access / segregation of duties reporting.

Learning Objectives/ Outcomes: 

  1. Overview of how to identify EBS customizations
  2. Understand how to identify changes introduced via upgrades / patching
  3. Overview of how to automate setup changes across upgrade iterations
  4. Overview of simple ways to enforce rigorous change / release management
  5. Ways to troubleshoot issues

one month ago

Presenters Information: Doug Volz & Samir Othman
Recording Date: Tuesday, January 28, 12:00 pm ET 
Duration: 1 Hour 

*Expanding capabilities to file gathering and analysis
*Data Masking for private information
*Analyzer Community for idea sharing

We will give an overview and demonstration of the changes, and discuss how these should be worked into your best practices and maintenance, so you can avoid critical and time-sensitive issues that are costly to your business.

one month ago

Presenter Information: Scott McKenzie
Recording Date: Thursday, January 16, 12:00 pm ET 
Duration: 1 Hour 

Scott McKenzie is a regional sales manager with nearly 25-years of experience in roles spanning from programmer, project manager, entrepreneur to sales executive in the supply chain industry. With this long tenure in the automation sector, he strives to leverage his experience and bring thought leadership to clients through a consultative approach. He is highly focused on solving customer problems through automation technology that provide a strong return on investment.

Topic: How To Successfully Champion A Project
This presentation will cover the 7-key questions that you absolutely must get answers to in order to win over executives in your company to your strategic initiatives.

2 months ago

Presenter Information: Amair Mairaj
Recording Date: Tuesday, January 28, 1:00 pm ET 
Duration: 1 Hour 

In today’s world, leaders are extremely important. This session discusses the importance of leadership, whether in your career or in social settings, and guides attendees on a reflection of their own leadership qualities. Learn more about the traits of great leaders, reflect on your abilities as a leader, and get inspired about leadership. You have a choice to lead or follow, what will you choose?

3 months ago

Presenter Information: Carrie Curry & Brian Stanz
Recording Date: Wednesday, December 18, 2019, 1:00 pm ET 
Duration: 1 Hour 

Do you wait a long time for security changes to be executed? Is user access being provisioned incorrectly? Do you have a long list of exceptions from your last audit that involves costly remediation efforts?

Join us as we discuss the key elements of creating a business case for a security redesign project in 2020.

Topics include:
• Understanding what “great” security looks like and how you measure up against best practices
• Key metrics that drive the need for change – how to build a winning business case.