Will Hutchinson


Title: Director - Analytics Practice
Company: HEXstream
Membership Type: Associate 

What makes the OATUG mission meaningful to you?

The OATUG’s aim to maximize customer investment in Oracle and Partner solutions closely aligns with the work I have been doing for the last 30 years, which makes the mission especially meaningful to me as I consider the work I have done and the work I look forward to continuing. During my time at Oracle, I was involved in many Insight programs designed to help customers get the most from their Oracle investments. IT investments are indeed just investments—their worth must be proven. And I enjoy aiding users in learning and navigating each application so that it will function its best as part of an enterprise analytics strategy.

Please list your previous and current OATUG volunteer roles, COLLABORATE experience, and other volunteer or leadership experience with other organizations:

  • COLLABORATE 19: I delivered two presentations and participated in the Emerging Technology SIG’s panel
  • NCOAUG Training Day: I have spoken on several occasions, both when I worked for Oracle and with HEXstream
  • OATUG Analytics, BI, and Big Data SIG: I recently gave a webinar
  • Spoke at OpenWorld while working for Oracle twice
  • Represented HEXstream on the Oracle Partner Advisory Council
  • Served as a member of a Citizens Advisory Council to the IT Manager of the Village of Downers Grove, IL for four years

Why are you running for the board, and what skills, connections, resources, and expertise do you have to offer to the organization?

  • I bring a deep understanding of Oracle Applications and how to maximize their value depending upon a user’s needs, which I suspect will be very important to fulfilling the duties of an OATUG Board Member.
  • Beyond that, I am a clear and capable writer—I co-authored a book entitled Oracle Business Intelligence Applications: How to Deliver Value Through Rapid Implementation. 
  • I enjoy devising, drafting, and delivering papers, webinars, and presentations that audiences may find interesting or helpful. 
  • I bring strong project management skills, functioning well as part of a team and successfully meeting deadlines. 
  • I am well known in the Oracle analytics and project management worlds.
  • I have established relationships with OATUG leadership including Ally Zarcone, Ramesh Kumar, and Kirby Lunger.

Tell us about your current professional role and what Oracle products you are using and/or supporting.

  • I am chiefly responsible for tying HEXstream’s different analytics offerings to business use cases and value for our clients. 
  • I am heavily involved with our clients at each step of our engagements to ensure analytic progress and goals are continuously addressing the business problem(s) to be solved. 
  • I am responsible for our analytics thought leadership and contribute to our advanced analytics content as well. This entails publishing both internal and external papers, as well as speaking in several conferences throughout the year. 
  • In my current role, I am supporting OAC, ODI, ADW, OBIEE, OUA, OBIA, WebLogic, Oracle DB, and BI Publisher.