Andrew Preston


Title: Managing Director
Membership Type: Associate

What makes the OATUG mission meaningful to you?

It is through the power of shared learning that we can make the biggest impact at each of the organizations we represent. I feel the global nature of OATUG will soon become even more important. While this group is strongly represented in EBS, the Oracle suite is much more expansive, so the power of representing all Oracle Applications and Technology is important.

Please list your previous and current OATUG volunteer roles, COLLABORATE experience, and other volunteer or leadership experience with other organizations:

I am currently vice-chair of the NWOUG, and have been on the board for 3 years, working in membership before becoming vice-chair. I have been responsible for the last 3 Training Days. I currently volunteer on the OATUG Analytics, BI and Big Data SIG (Pending), and have submitted a webinar. I presented on Data Science last year at COLLABORATE. In addition, I have been on a number of other boards, from Homeowners to company boards.

Why are you running for the board, and what skills, connections, resources, and expertise do you have to offer to the organization?

I am running for the board to give back to the community, but also because I feel that Data Science is underrepresented on the board. My skills include 25 years working in the field on a variety of platforms and projects. I feel that through my work in South East Asia (I run our company’s Manila office), I have a global perspective that can only be obtained by spending time working in IT in a non-North American country. 

Tell us about your current professional role and what Oracle products you are using and/or supporting.

I am Managing Partner at Infosemantics, Inc. We focus on OBIEE, OAC and ECC. However, we also have a Big Data Component, which might be on any technology. Having the knowledge of not only Oracle products, but also their competitors in the marketplace allows me to offer a deeper understanding in the Data Science space. I feel that the board is stronger with a few consulting voices on it, as consulting allows me to see many more projects than an internal employee is likely to see.