Elevate Your Strategy: Your Custom Reporting Options for Oracle ERP

When:  Sep 28, 2023 from 01:00 PM to 02:00 PM (ET)


In the competitive arena of modern business, reporting is no longer mere data – it's your strategic masterpiece. A well-crafted reporting strategy, rooted in Business Intelligence (BI), weaves data into insights that guide decisions with finesse. 
Your finance team faces challenges from native tools and generic BI solutions while accommodating diverse user preferences. Tailored tools are available to meet these demands, but the challenge lies in harmonizing them into a unified strategy that aligns with your business's rhythm. 
And the strategy isn't just a plan – it's a harmonious blend of efficiency, empowerment, and adaptability. 
Embark on this transformative journey, crafting a BI strategy that embodies modern orchestration – where data, change, and insight converge to create a powerful pinnacle of progress.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Embrace the uniqueness of your finance team – Individuals seek insights in their own way, so your strategy must be versatile. The key is crafting a dynamic strategy that resonates with every persona.
  2. Focus your BI strategy on adaptability – Refine your data's journey, simplify access, and liberate it from IT dependencies. Adaptability is essential to keep pace with the changing business tempo. 
  3. Reap the rewards - Envision a streamlined report cycle, freeing time for strategic pursuits. Development gains agility, seamlessly aligning with your evolving business landscape.
Educational Tracks:
@Naill Mclean, Senior Director of Product Management, insightsoftware

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