MythBusters: Is Role-Based Provisioning for Oracle Cloud “Fact” or “Fiction”?

When:  Jul 29, 2024 from 01:00 PM to 02:00 PM (ET)
Is it possible to accomplish fully automating role-based provisioning for Oracle Cloud? If so, exactly how hard is it to implement? Join us, as Zach and Matt put these questions on role-based provisioning to the test with real-world results from two different company’s journeys seeking this “Holy Grail” of provisioning. Clayton Homes and a Union from Switzerland have explored this path and are eager to share their tips and tricks to success and the “myths they busted” with fully automating role-based provisioning. 
Myth 1: Role-based provisioning is too complex to implement effectively, more theory than practice.
Myth 2: Automated role provisioning requires forsaking “Least Privilege Approach” and compromises security.
Myth 3: Role-based provisioning can handle all access control needs automatically without any manual intervention.
Myth 4: “Fact” or “Fiction”: Was role-based provisioning accomplished in the highly complex Oracle Cloud environment?
Finally, we’ll discuss which software and tools that were instrumental in automating this process. And most importantly, was true role-based provisioning accomplished?
Learning Objectives:
  1. Understand the fundamentals of Oracle Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM) and be able to utilize Oracle Cloud APIs effectively for automating role-based provisioning.
  2. Develop skills in designing and implementing automated provisioning processes that adhere to regulatory compliance and organizational governance requirements in Oracle Cloud.
  3. Gain proficiency in using automation tools such as Terraform and Ansible to automate role-based provisioning workflows in Oracle Cloud.
Educational Tracks:
@Jeff Hare, CPA CIA CISA, CEO, ERP Risk Advisors
@Matthew Rekers, ERP Specialist III & Risk Advisory Lead, Clayton Homes
@Zachary Barger, Senior Principal Consultant and Director of Operations, Promatis


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