EBS Upgrade Automation with ConfigSnapshot

This event was canceled.
When:  Jan 29, 2020 from 12:00 PM to 12:00 PM (ET)

Take the risk and unknows out of upgrading the E-Business Suite through the use of ConfigSnapshot. ConfigSnapshot covers all versions of the E-Business Suite from 11.0.3 to current (12.2.9) and will show what changes have or will be made on your EBS environments as a result of upgrading or patching. It can also be used to automatically and consistently apply configuration updates on each upgrade iteration and then ultimately on the production upgrade. Where your production downtime window is short this removes the risk and potential delay.

 The session will touch on the following standard features: customization identification and upgrade impact on the code (and how to fix), generation of pre and post-upgrade BR100s, cross-version setup compares, change tracking, setup load/update automation and a review of the user access/segregation of duties reporting.

Learning Objectives/ Outcomes :

  1.  Overview of how to identify EBS customizations
  2. Understand how to identify changes introduced via upgrades/patching
  3. Overview of how to automate setup changes across upgrade iterations
  4. Overview of simple ways to enforce rigorous change/release management
  5. Ways to troubleshoot issues

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Virbahu Jain
(603) -790-0291