Become an Influencer for the Re-imagined Oracle Help Center!

When:  May 7, 2020 from 1:00 PM to 1:30 PM (ET)
Presented by: The Oracle Help Center Design Team
Duration: 30 minutes
The Oracle Help Center Design Team is interested in getting feedback from real users like yourself to learn how updates to our technical help center might improve certain tasks and workflows. Your opinions will help us measure how ‘usable’ or ‘intuitive’ our designs are. This type of input is vital because it will result in updates to future versions of the Oracle Help Center. Participation is easy. Our team will show you a series of screens and prototypes and ask you polling questions about your first-impressions, how you think you might interact with the pages, and what your expectations are based on what you see.

This webinar will not be available as a recording, so make sure you join The Oracle Help Center Design Team live!

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