Maintenance Cloud/eAM SIG Membership Restart Kickoff Meeting

When:  Sep 7, 2022 from 12:00 PM to 01:00 PM (ET)
This Town Hall Meeting is hosted by the Maintenance Cloud / eAM SIG.

How can the Maintenance Cloud /eAM SIG help you achieve your business objectives and goals? This is a members' meeting to discuss how the SIG can best support our User Group: a Call for Papers, suggestions for future webinar topics, and, in general, the Membership which is primarily interested in EBS, Implementation or Cloud knowledge, and training for future webinars. Our goal is to get to know each other, the membership, and how we can all help each other best.

1.) Share ideas for a Call for Maintenance Papers on EBS, EBS to Cloud or Cloud topics
2.) Discuss ideas for future webinars or papers from the membership
3.) Build our Community and help each other


Presented by:
@Derrick Rust, Schreiber Foods, eAM Systems Manager
@Wes Holmes, Global MCIS, President​​​​​​​


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