GL SIG Presents: EBS Reporting - Circumventing Boundaries

When:  Mar 19, 2020 from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM (ET)
EBS reporting is always a challenge. You either don't have the data you need, or even more frustrating, you do have the data you need, but you cannot structure it in the way it is required to be presented.

Reporting in EBS is also fraught with challenges created by the structural framework of the enterprise - Ledgers, Operating Units, Inventory Orgs and so on. How do you address reporting needs and data requirements to transcend these boundaries and structural elements?

Join us in discovering how these boundaries and structural elements can be circumvented or dissolved, and how choosing the right criteria or parameters (and tool/product) can help get the data you need, and deliver it in a comfortable and familiar format known as the accountant's best friend - Excel.

Join us on March 19th, to see how data held captive by these boundaries can be freed and delivered in slivers, slabs, or as pieces of a larger pie!

Presented by:

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FSCP Solutions Inc.


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Christine Kadi