About the Accounts Payable (AP) SIG

About Us:

Oracle WMS was released by Oracle Corporation in the summer of 2001 to address the need for a native warehouse management solution to augment the 11i e-Business Inventory and Shipping applications. MSCA was released at the same time to provide mobile support for inventory transactions for companies that did not need a full WMS at a site.

Oracle MSCA enables the mobile execution of a variety of warehousing tasks with mobile devices such as RF. Oracle WMS builds on the MSCA foundation of mobile transaction execution extending this functionality by facilitating warehouse resource management, productivity performance analysis, task scheduling and advanced putaway, picking and packing methods.

These applications support discrete manufacturing and distribution companies in release 11i and 12. With R12, process manufacturers have full WMS support in addition to MSCA.

Mission Statement:

The Logistics Special Interest Group is dedicated to Oracle e-Business Applications Users who have implemented or are interested in the logistics applications of inventory execution. This includes Oracle Inventory, Oracle Shipping Execution, Oracle Warehouse Management System (WMS), Mobile Supply Chain Applications (MSCA), & Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).