2020 OTM User Conference APAC

Starts:  Nov 30, 2020 9:00 AM (IST)
Ends:  Dec 2, 2020 5:00 PM (IST)
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The virtual conference will take place on November 30, December 1, and December 2, 2020.
The agenda is subject to change.


11:00 AM-12:00 PM IST: Oracle presents: New Capabilities in Ocean/International Shipping
Abstract: Attendees will get an overview of the International Shipping functional improvements recently developed in OTM as well as upcoming releases. Review includes the new ocean booking object and flow, multi-equipment shipments, enhancements to the planning engines, managing execution tasks with shipment groups, and improvements to the document management processing. We will review another key theme in the financial area to manage the need to split shipment costs across multiple invoice/bills in addition to supporting company recharges.
Speaker: Ashok Kalidindi is Director, Product Development and leads the team responsible for Oracle Logistics Cloud product. Mr. Kalidindi is responsible for research and development covering areas of Transportation Rating, Execution, Tracking Events, Brokerage and Freight forwarding, Financial, Technical & Cloud Infrastructure, Integration and Global Trade Management. Mr. Kalidindi has more 22 years of experience in ERP and SCM software industry with expertise in product development, engineering and support. Mr. Kalidindi holds a Master of Technology in Industrial Engineering and a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering.

12:30 PM -1:30 PM IST: ITOrizon presents: IoT Fleet monitoring and it’s implementation with OTM cloud at Starlinks Middle East
Abstract: Starlinks is a leading supply chain solutions business, providing high quality end-to-end supply chain management and operations across Saudi Arabia and the GCC. With the implementation of IoT Fleet Monitoring, Starlinks achieved real time shipment visibility which has helped them to provide top quality delivery to their customers. In this paper we will talk about their ease of implementing IoT FM solution with OTM, device vendors and how Starlinks utilized truck and sensor data to enhance their real time asset tracking, route optimization and achieving on time delivery. We will also discuss the significant role played by the IoT mobile application and the numerous benefits realized by Starlinks for driver behavior analysis.
Speakers: Nishant Ramela is Practice Manager OTM and GTM at ITOrizon and leads their US practice. His focus is on leveraging OTM, GTM, WMS and IoT as a value add in his customer's supply chains. Anand Muthusamy is Practice Manager OTM at ITOrizon and leads their India practice. He is an experienced professional with over 10 years of experience in implementing multiple OTM solutions with key focus on the Middle East implementations.

3:00 PM -4:00 PM IST: Flo Group presents: Keep your OTM Cloud running smoothly with automated regression testing for Oracle’s quarterly Cloud Updates
Abstract: One of the major benefits of Oracle Cloud is the quarterly update cycle, releasing new features and enhancements, ensuring customers can take advantage of the latest OTM has to offer. In turn, this drives and increases need for regression testing to validate the impact of updates and guarantee smooth releases. Testing is typically labour intensive. This session explores how FloATS, Flo Automated Test Services, improves accuracy and reduces effort by automating test scripts and allowing for regression testing at the click of a button. 
Speaker: Prithvi Mahadev has over 13 years experience in software development and testing. For the past 7 years she has worked for Flo Group on global OTM implementations. As one of Flo’s Test Managers, Prithvi has extensive experience with OTM software testing, methodologies, tools and processes. Prithvi is skilled at guiding clients to achieve the most from end-to-end solution testing. As a leader of the FloATS, Flo Automated Test Service, Prithvi has played a key role in defining the technology and framework


11:00 AM-12:00 PM IST: Oracle presents: What’s New in Logistics Network Modeling
Abstract: Oracle Logistics Network Modeling is a solution that enables organizations to design and operate efficient and agile logistics networks. Logistics Network Modeling provides an intuitive approach to performing detailed what-if scenario analysis within the operational environment, offering a richer and more accurate set of results that lead to improved outcomes. To support the scenario analysis, Logistics Network Modeling includes an intuitive Export/Import tool to help in the export and import of planning data.
Speaker: Vasantha Payyavula is a Senior Development Manager, Logistics Development leads a team responsible for Souring and Rate Maintenance and also responsible for development of Logistics Network Modelling and Logistics Machine Learning. Have 15 years of overall experience in software industry with expertise in product development and support.

12:30 PM-1:30 PM IST: DPWorld Cargoes Flow - DP World's supply chain visibility platform 
Abstract: Cargoes Flow aims to provide adaptive visibility to medium and large size enterprise shippers over their intermodal shipments by aggregating and analyzing data from various sources. We not only aim to calculate accurate product arrival/availability information for in-transit freight, but also help diagnose the source of inefficiency or delay, and provide key business insights to accelerate process automation, partner collaboration, and business transformation actions. Cargoes Flow works seamlessly with Oracle OTM to provide its users with end to end visibility over their shipments.
Speaker: Mohamed Sheik Dawood is Principle Product Manger working in DP World Group IT and leads the team responsible for Oracle WMS, OTM, CPQ and other products such as MDM, CRM & Rostering. Mr. Sheik Dawood responsible to enrich the above products and rollout across DP World portfolio 150 business units in 40 countries. Mr. Sheik Dawood has 25+ years of experience in ports, terminals & logistics and implemented a range of applications to automate and optimize the processes.

3:00 PM-4:00 PM IST: Western Digital presents: Data Makes Possible
Abstract: Drawing motivation from our website, Data Makes Possible, the Western Digital team set out on a journey to build the Supply Chain of the Future. By utilizing rich historical data from Oracle Transportation Management System, we defined an effective, forward-looking model that continues to self-refine in an automated fashion with safeguards and business controls. We call it the Adaptive fulfillment model. We delivered winning results for the business and our customers, including 19.9% increase in shipment reliability, a 16.8% increase in consolidation, & a 4.5% decrease in transport costs. These measures reduce the amount of inventory in the pipeline, limit Western Digital’s exposure to security risks, and achieves a better lead-time for the consumer. The Adaptive Fulfillment model is flexible enough that we were able to meet all of our delivery commitments despite record-breaking flight cancellations and global trade delays in the face of COVID-19.
Speaker: Crystal Zhu is a Senior Logistics Professional carrying 12+ years of management expertise in Western Digital (WD), the leading global data storage solution provider. As WD Global Logistics Center of Excellence Project Manager, she successfully leads the Oracle TMS (OTM) implementation and Analytics Program. She was recognized as a key player in several significant implementation and integration projects at WD. Western Digital set out on a journey to build the Supply Chain of the Future in 2017, one key pillar of the journey is to implement a global and unified Transportation Management System. Crystal starts with the project in Aug 2017 and since then, she has worked cross-functionally with Planning, Sales operation, Finance, Legal compliance team to standardize and automate end-to-end Logistics processes inside OTM. Crystal and her team of supply chain and IT experts make tremendous efforts to have OTM run smoothly on every transportation operations aspects– including shipment planning, execution, event management, settlement, procurement, and global trade compliance. Before that, Crystal established Hong Kong Logistics Center and managed the LCs and VMIs throughout Asia.


11:00 AM-12:00 PM IST: Oracle Consulting presents: Logistics Machine Learning
Abstract: In our upcoming release, expected in January 2021, we provide the ability for our customers to leverage Machine Learning (ML) in the context of their transportation business processes. Users can use ML-based predicted transit times and shipment ETAs to identify shipments truly-at-risk and provide customers with accurate ETA predictions. Based on proprietary AutoML technology that automates much of the data science pipeline and workflow (data cleansing, data enhancement, test/train splits, algorithm and feature selection, etc.), the solution enables the business user to leverage ML within the context of the shipment lifecycle. Users can create models specific to their business scenarios (mode, geography, business unit, etc.), identify influential factors and fine tune each model for accuracy and performance. Predicted ETAs are actionable and can be used to enable better decision-making and to anticipate and alleviate exceptions. The model learns continuously and can adapt to changing conditions in the network. Near-term roadmap here includes refining the predicted ETAs with in-transit events, incorporating environmental factors into the prediction, and providing order-level transportation lead-time predictions to enable better order promising.
Speaker: Brian Ramos began working with Oracle Transportation Management at DHL Supply Chain in 2006. Beginning in Operations, he has supported OTM solutions in Customer Service, Transport Planning, Systems Analysis, Functional Consulting, Solution Architecture and Product Management roles. He holds a Master of Engineering in Logistics degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

12:30 PM -1:30 PM IST: Oracle presents: Best Practices for Working with Support for OTM & GTM Cloud
Abstract: In this session, the aspects of Support Processes that will help expedite Service Request resolution will be covered. We will also cover a Diagnostics review explaining the relevant diagnostics/logs to debug various product issues. Objectives of the session include: Educate customers about Support Best Practices, Logging & Diagnostics - Made Easy for OTM Customers, Automation in Support/Self Diagnostic Capability, How to leverage Cloud Customer Connect.
Speakers: Krishna Mohan - Senior Principal Software Engineer, Oracle Product Support with over 20 years of experience in Manufacturing & Oracle Applications Product Support (E-Business Suite Manufacturing and Oracle Transportation Management). He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Bangalore University & CPIM (APICS)
Jyothi Venkatesh - Sr. Product Support Manager, Oracle Product Support with over 15+ years of experience in E-Business Suite Manufacturing and Oracle Transportation Management. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Engineering.

3:00 PM -4:00 PM IST: Accelalpha presents: Enabling CM3 Digital Cloud Journey
Abstract: The digital transformation journeys many organizations began as part of a future 5-year road map has been put off track by the shift to remote work in the wake of Covid-19. More than ever, businesses need to reassess their company's migration to the cloud. Join Accelalpha's webinar to learn how your organization can leverage leading cloud technologies utilizing a Cloud Migration Maturity Model (CM3) our experts developed. During the webinar, we will discuss scaling your migration operations with a proactive engagement model and walk through the tools needed to get your business on track again.
Speaker: Anurag Saini, Managing Principal Consultant at Accelalpha, has more than 12 years of experience implementing OTM solutions for various industries and countries. In his current position, he oversees projects globally while optimizing his customer's logistics operations. Anurag also has a wide range of experience across functional, technical, and project management roles executing successful projects.

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