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Transforming Data Into Insights

Most companies understand that data is the fuel of their future success. Today’s technologies allow executives to condense vast amounts of data into actionable insights that lead to improved decision-making and bold, strategic thinking. Considering how much emphasis companies are putting on...'s profile image

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Is Your Data Telling the Right Story? The Case for Dynamic Storytelling in Financial Reporting

When the iPhone was introduced in 2007, we had no idea how much life was about to change. In a dozen years, we’ve progressed from basic phones to handheld computer devices with hundreds of apps. We can pay bills, have lunch delivered, schedule a ride; in fact, we do almost everything on our...

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EPM/Hyperion SIG Presents: The PBCS REST API Demystified

Oracle's Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) offers a REST API, but how does it work and what can it do? This webinar for administrators and developers will give an approachable overview of how the API works, what its capabilities are, and how it can be practically used in automation and...

2017-06-15 11.58 OAUG Hyperion SIG Webinar_ The PBCS REST API Demystified.wmv

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OAUG EPM/Hyperion SIG Presents: Data Integration Options for Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service!

Explore the data integration and automation options available for EPBCS/PBCS. Use cases and pros and cons for the methods will be discussed as well as the file format requirements, options and code examples. Use cases include ad hoc and automated/scheduled data loads, moving data from/to BSO and...

2017-07-27 12.59 OAUG Hyperion SIG Webinar_ Data Integration Options for Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service.wmv