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Moving the Needle Through Change Management

Change management tends to be a topic that organizations like to talk about, yet when it comes to planning and execution, many organizations recognize missed opportunities in post project reviews. #Change Management #Personal Growth/Leadership #Professional Development #E Business Suite ...

2019, Q1_Moving the Needle Through Change Management - Spring 2019.pdf

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The NVOAUG Presents_ How to Gear Up for Oracle Cloud with Current Skills

Panelist Information: Vishal Khullar, Tangenz Recording Date: Wednesday, 08 May 2019 3:00 pm ET Duration: 1 hour This session is geared towards current users of Oracle that are currently making decisions and defining the strategic direction for their application. This session will...

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Managing the Sales Funnel with Oracle Sales Cloud

By Tusar Das, Bill Wertz and Chris Schone, Worthington Industries Oracle Sales Cloud is deployed as part of an initiative to centralize information, track data and support the sales process at Worthington Industries. #Oracle Sales Cloud #Cloud #CX Cloud #CRM #E-Business Suite #EBS ...

2017, Q2_Managing the Sales Funnel with Oracle Sales Cloud - Summer 17.pdf

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The CFO’s Guide to Transforming and Maintaining an Optimal Chart of Accounts Structure

Rethink and redesign accounting structure definition to make it scalable for future growth and able to meet management reporting and statutory compliance requirements. #Chart of Accounts #Financials #Accounting #ERP #E-Business Suite #EBS #Cloud #Ledger

2018, Q2_ THE CFO’S GUIDE to Transforming and Maintaining an Optimal Chart of Account Structure; SUBBARAMAN, KARTIK .pdf

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Wonderful Journey to OTM Cloud!

At The Wonderful Company, we migrated from on-premises Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) 6.4.1 to Cloud OTM 6.4.2 version. #Cloud #Oracle Transportation Management #OTM #OTM Cloud