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Patching in E-Business Suite 12.2: AD Online Patching (ADOP) Cycle

In our previous two blog posts we learned about the Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 architectural changes as well as the role that Edition Based Redefinition plays in AD Online Patching (ADOP). In our final blog post of patching in E-Business Suite 12.2, we’ll take a look at the different phases...

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Patching in E-Business Suite 12.2: Edition Based Redefinition (EBR)

In the previous blog post , we discussed the overall architectural changes that have been made in Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 as well as the ability to be able to patch the system while it’s up, with users still online. Oracle E-Business Suite AD Online Patching (ADOP) only works because the...

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Patching in E-Business Suite 12.2: Architectural Changes

For those that are new to Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2, you may notice that the architecture has undergone some major changes. First, the underlying Oracle technology stack being used has had some upgrades that now include WebLogic components while the application server, used for forms and...

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Unraveling the E-Business Suite Output Post Processor

The EBS Output Post Processor (OPP) performs post-processing operations of a concurrent request's output file. The OPP is not like your other concurrent managers. #E-Business Suite #EBS #OPP

2017, Q3_Unraveling the E-Business Suite Output Post Processor (OPP) - Fall 17.pdf

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Role Securities in Procurement and Spend Analytics

By Joshua Nurkowski Role-based security and data-level security can be established using OBIA to obtain metrics and data within corporate procurement. #Oracle Business Intelligence Analytics #OBIA #Role Security #Analytics #OBIEE #Data #Reporting #Dashboard #Procurement ...

2017, Q2_Role Securities in Procurement and Spend Analytics - Summer 17.pdf

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Managing the Sales Funnel with Oracle Sales Cloud

By Tusar Das, Bill Wertz and Chris Schone, Worthington Industries Oracle Sales Cloud is deployed as part of an initiative to centralize information, track data and support the sales process at Worthington Industries. #Oracle Sales Cloud #Cloud #CX Cloud #CRM #E-Business Suite #EBS ...

2017, Q2_Managing the Sales Funnel with Oracle Sales Cloud - Summer 17.pdf

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E-Business Suite Security: Reference Documents and Available Resources

By Andrew Farber, Consumer Reports, and Kaberi Nayak, Mitre Corporation A new collection point for Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) security information presents FAQs and best practices in one convenient place. #E-Business Suite #EBS #Security #Security Configurations #Support

2017, Q1_E-Business Suite Security Reference Documents and Available Resources.pdf

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Extending EBS with APEX

Oracle’s Application Express (APEX) has become the “go-to” tool for rapid development of Web-based applications and has gained enormous popularity as a method of extending the E-Business Suite (EBS). #Applications Express #APEX #E-Business Suite #EBS #R12

2017, Q1_Extending EBS with Apex - Spring 17.pdf

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Is Your Software Vulnerable to Cybercrime?

By Kaberi Nayak and Vivek Puri Cybercrime is real. Oracle Support provides mission-critical security updates and protection for your Oracle software. #Customer Support Council #CSC #Cybercrime #Security #Support #E-Business Suite #EBS

2018, Q2_Is Your Software VULNERABLE TO CYBERCRIME; Nayek, Kaberi and Puri, Vivek .pdf