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Cost Management SIG Presents: Understand How R12 Inventory and Expense AP Accrual Work

Panelist Information: Douglas Volz and Virbahu Jain Recording Date: Tuesday, 18 June 2019 12:00 am ET Duration: 1 Hour Can't efficiently use the R12 A/P Accrual functionality? Unable to reconcile to the G/L? Have years and years of entries to resolve? Or don't understand how the R12 A/P...

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Extending EBS with APEX

Oracle’s Application Express (APEX) has become the “go-to” tool for rapid development of Web-based applications and has gained enormous popularity as a method of extending the E-Business Suite (EBS). #Applications Express #APEX #E-Business Suite #EBS #R12

2017, Q1_Extending EBS with Apex - Spring 17.pdf

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Basics of eBTax Setup: Supplier and Customer, Items, Product Categories, Purchasing Categories

Join us to learn the basics of the source tax data for R12 eBTax. This one hour webcast provides technical and functional users with an overview of E-Business Tax (EBTax) source data, such as Supplier and Customer, Items, Product Categories, and Purchasing Categories. Presented February 2016 ...

2016-02-11 11.32 Oracle Tax Mgmt SIG Presents Basics of eBTax Setup_ Supplier and Customer Items Product Categories Purchasing Categories.mp4

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TLS 1.2 Configuration for Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2 and 12.1

This webinar provides details regarding the deployment requirements when configuring TLS 1.2 with Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 and 12.1. Learn about key fundamentals for encrypting inbound, outbound and loopback connections in Oracle E-Business Suite, what prerequisite and configuration are...

2017-06-08 OAUG E-Business Suite Security SIG Webinar Slideshow.pdf

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Who Said Changing Cost Methods with Discrete Costing Can't Be Done?

Did your firm implement Oracle Discrete Costing with Inventory (and perhaps with WIP and/or EAM) and settle on a Costing Method which was not appropriate for your industry or business situation? Unhappy with the financial consequences but when you contacted Oracle Support they told you that the...

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Want to Know Your Average Costs? Run Periodic Costing Alongside Your Costing Method!

Do you use Standard Costing but are having difficulty tracking your average material and production costs? Want to know if Oracle has standard features that may help? Even for Release 11i as well as 12? On September 27th Doug will explain how Oracle Periodic Costing can work alongside your...

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Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2 Upgrade and Maintenance on Windows Platform

When running a business on older Windows hardware, IT departments may be reluctant to embrace EBS R12 projects where the architecture can't handle new demands. This list of sysadmin, technical and functional upgrade tasks can help. #Sysadmin #E Business Suite #EBS #DBA #Upgrade ...

2018, Q3_ORACLE E-BUSINESS SUITE R12.2 Upgrade and Maintenance on Windows Platform; RAMASUBRAMANIAN, RAMAKRISHNAN .pdf

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How to Make Customers Happy – Ship Products on Time!

There are many reasons why a supply and demand picture might change in an ERP system. Changes in the net supply availability can impact existing orders. so they might be available to ship early, or their shipment could get delayed. #ERP #E Business Suite #EBS #R12 #Supply Chain ...

2018, Q4_How To Make Customers Happy - Ship Products on Time.pdf

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Oracle Reaffirms Commitment to EBS Customers

Over the past year, the OAUG has kept you up to date on Oracles' announcements about product support and release timelines for Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) customers. Yesterday, Oracle informed us of additional changes to the EBS – Premier Support policies . The communication from Oracle...

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