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Ready, Set, Recognize ASC 606 is here. Is your Organization Ready?

With the clock ticking down on a 2018 effective date for the new revenue recognition accounting standards, is your company ready for the changes needed to comply? What areas of concern do your finance executives have and how are they gearing up for the transition? What adoption approach is your...

2017-05-10 16.01 OAUG Projects SIG Presents_ Ready Set Recognize ASC 606 is here. Is your Organization Ready_.mp4

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Improved Profitability Through Detailed Costing, Advanced Analytics, and Reporting

This session focuses on how companies have leveraged data stored in Oracle and other systems to obtained a more detail view of their costs and revenue resulting in improved profitability. By highlighting both the business and technology challenges of different manufacturing companies, attendees...

2016-05-17 12.00 OAUG Cost Management SIG Presents_ Improved Profitability Through Detailed Costing Advanced Analytics and Reporting.mp4

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OAUG Cost Management SIG Presents: ASC 606, Revenue and COGS Recognition, What Does This Mean for You?

Have you heard about the revised Revenue Recognition requirements with ASC 606? What is it, what does this mean for your revenue and COGS accounting? And does Oracle have solutions to help you meet this new standards? Come and join two leading experts on this topic, Seamus Moran and Manasi...

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