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Managing the Sales Funnel with Oracle Sales Cloud

By Tusar Das, Bill Wertz and Chris Schone, Worthington Industries Oracle Sales Cloud is deployed as part of an initiative to centralize information, track data and support the sales process at Worthington Industries. #Oracle Sales Cloud #Cloud #CX Cloud #CRM #E-Business Suite #EBS ...

2017, Q2_Managing the Sales Funnel with Oracle Sales Cloud - Summer 17.pdf

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OAUG CPQ Cloud SIG Presents: How Oracle EBS Customers Adopt CPQ

CPQ is becoming ubiquitous in business transformation for companies working with complex sales processes. While CPQ can help companies to improve margins and increase sales productivity, companies also face challenges for a successful implementation. In this webinar, we will present: - CPQ...

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Overcoming Fear and Resistance to Embracing a Cloud Solution

Before documenting requirements, cultivating executive sponsorship and getting to the nuts and bolts of a recent Oracle Sales Cloud solution, we had to overcome some initial concerns and misconceptions. Three things were top of mind: ​ A previous bad experience with a cloud product. ...

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