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E-Business Suite Security: Reference Documents and Available Resources

By Andrew Farber, Consumer Reports, and Kaberi Nayak, Mitre Corporation A new collection point for Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) security information presents FAQs and best practices in one convenient place. #E-Business Suite #EBS #Security #Security Configurations #Support

2017, Q1_E-Business Suite Security Reference Documents and Available Resources.pdf

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Is Your Software Vulnerable to Cybercrime?

By Kaberi Nayak and Vivek Puri Cybercrime is real. Oracle Support provides mission-critical security updates and protection for your Oracle software. #Customer Support Council #CSC #Cybercrime #Security #Support #E-Business Suite #EBS

2018, Q2_Is Your Software VULNERABLE TO CYBERCRIME; Nayek, Kaberi and Puri, Vivek .pdf

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EBS Functional Analyzers: Keep Calm and Analyze

By Jeff McCall, Oracle, and Michael Barone, OATC, Inc. EBS Functional Analyzers are your personal help desk. #E-Business Suite #EBS #Dashboard #Analyzers #Support #Troubleshoot

2018, Q2_ E-Business Suite Functional Analyzers, Keep Calm and Analyze; McCall, Jeff .pdf

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Cost Management Enhancement Requests/Ideas

Over the past two years Oracle redesigned how you can offer valuable suggestions and improvements to the Oracle EBS Applications, through submitting ideas via the Oracle Cost Management Community in My Oracle Support. Oracle ProActive Support and Doug Volz will review how you can enter new ideas...

2016-10-18 11.34 OAUG Cost Management SIG Presents_ Cost Management Enhancement Requests_Ideas .mp4

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Beat Your CSI's Into Submission. Support Identifier Groups in MOS

Panelist Information : Doug Hahn - Invesco Recording Date: Tuesday, 14 February 2017, 11:00 AM ES Duration : 1 Hr In this session, we will demonstrate how you can leverage a little known feature in My Oracle Support called Support Identifier Groups or (SIG). Using SIG’s, we can...


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Is Oracle ERP Cloud a Good Fit for Your Company?

Statistics show that ERP Cloud is getting more and more popular. As you'd expect, from R7 to R13, Oracle ERP Cloud has become a more mature and capable offering. Oracle also provides some compelling arguments around flexibility and costs. However, there are multiple components that make up the...

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Re-Skin the Beast - Redesigning Oracle EBS for Users with User Interfaces that Work

Oracle EBS is a great piece of software; it supports many business functions and is easy to tweak and change. Over the years, Oracle has provided multiple updates to the EBS user interface, from the original character-based telnet forms, GUI client / server forms then through to using Java and...

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Keep Up with Oracle EBS Development

On Friday, October 5, Oracle announced the general availability of Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) 12.2.8 and other updates that have been delivered this year. The announcement highlights Oracle's key areas of investment and enhancements to functional capabilities. For EBS customers, it's...

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Let's Talk Localizations

The CSC will provide updates on localizations via this blog. In the meantime, there are helpful resources on the Oracle website . The OAUG Customer Support Council participated in two sessions during COLLABORATE 18 concerning the issues and challenges that localizations present during...

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Is Your Software Vulnerable to Cybercrime? (Part 2)

Introduction by: Kaberi Nayak and Vivek Puri OAUG Customer Support Council Chair and Co-Chair ​This is the second half of a two-part article from Oracle about securing enterprise software. Read part 1 in an earlier blog post . The OAUG Customer Support Council meets regularly...

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