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Get the Most Out of Your Data Migration by Taking on the Challenge of De-Duplication Upfront

One of the most overlooked challenges when migrating from multiple legacy systems to Oracle is the consolidation of duplicate customer and supplier master data. Most data owners will want their master data converted exactly as it was in their legacy system, with little regard for similar data in...

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Implement Maximum Availability/Disaster Recovery for E-Business Suite in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Learn how to set up Oracle’s Maximum Availability Architecture and Disaster Recovery for Oracle E-Business Suite in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with relative ease and at much lower cost. OCI tools and approaches to build highly available applications on Oracle Cloud Platform will be discussed....

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Security and Controls Best Practices for Oracle ERP Cloud - Panel

This panel will include functional and IT experts that will address current challenges for compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley, GDPR, PII, and other similar regulations for organizations using ERP Cloud. Each expert will give an update on the various challenges and solutions in their area of...

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It is all about Visualizing Data

Learn all about visualizing data by using Oracle Data Visualization Desktop with ADWC (Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud Service).This is a live demo session that will help you to:• Learn how to connect a desktop analytics tool to the powerful Autonomous Data Warehouse• Learn how to secure a...

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GRC Best Practices Using Oracle’s Risk Management Cloud and Beyond

Identifying and managing risk in any ERP system is essential for an effective control environment, whether or not you are subject to Sarbanes-Oxley regulations. In this session we will look at some of the key risks in the ERP Cloud and take a look at how to manage these risks using Oracle’s...

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Foundational Concepts in Security and Controls in the ERP Cloud

Oracle has bet the farm on the ERP Cloud as the future of their ERP software portfolio. While much of the core of the ERP Cloud looks and feels like Oracle E-Business Suite, there are some significant differences. In this presentation we will look at the foundational concepts of the ERP Cloud...

11082-Foundational Concepts in Security and Controls in the ERP Cloud-Presentation_471.pdf

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CPS: To Cloud or Not to Cloud - That is the Question!

With more infrastructure and Oracle EBS applications moving to Cloud providers, one of the decisions organizations must confront is the best approach to cloud migration for long-term success. In some cases, short-term success, but we see cloud as a strategic long-term solution for many, not all,...

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Database Driven Machine Learning; Move the Algorithms, Not the Data!

Oracle Databases store massive amounts of business critical data. But when someone says “deeper analysis” or “machine learning”, your first thought is to extract and move data to an analytical platform, right? Wrong! Leave the data where it is. Did you know that Oracle Databases now deliver 60+...

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TAX SIG: Its Been a Huge Year for Tax Globally with Huge Changes - Find out how it will Impact You

The Tax Management Special Interest Group (SIG) provides a forum to allow the OAUG members to ask questions on any tax issue, from the leading experts in this field. We will provide updates on what has been happening globally and respond to a Q&A session for any queries that have been posted...

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CPS: Clearing the Clouds: A Panel Discussion on Cloud Options, Use Cases, and Your ERP Roadmap

Bring your questions and join our experts as we discuss the myriad of cloud options available to Oracle Customers. We will have experts in Oracle Cloud Applications, Platform as a Service, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure who have been there and done that in the cloud. We will discuss what business...

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