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Trust and Verify – What are Privileged Users Doing in the EBS Database?

Independent financial auditors look for controls over what privileged users do in Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) and to its database. Privileged users include business support, IT support and database administration staff. They have a high level of skill and are trusted to work on EBS, a critical...

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Workflow SIG Panel: Current, Future, and Cloud

This SIG panel presentation will go over current development work for the Oracle E-Business Suite Workflow product, as well as future state of the product including what this means for Cloud based or migrating installations. #AppsTech/TestingSuite #-NotApplicable- #E-BusinessSuite ...

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E-Business11i/12.1/12.2 Performance Monitoring – On-Premise and Cloud

E-Business11i/12.1/12.2 Performance Monitoring – On-Premise and Cloud. E-Business Suite On-Premise Monitoring E-Business Suite Cloud Monitoring E-Business Suite Oracle Application Manager (OAM) powers-up the SYSADMIN and the DBA with great insight and visibility into the Database...

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Discrete Manufacturing Special Interest Group

This Oracle Applications Users Group meeting provides a forum for Oracle Discrete Manufacturing users and support personnel to network and share their combined knowledge. This meeting will also have an update from Oracle development on new functionality in the Oracle Manufacturing modules within...

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Managing and Monitoring Oracle E-Business Suite On-Premises and Cloud

This Oracle Development session focuses on the latest tools, including the Application Management Suite, for monitoring and managing an Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 environment. Among the topics covered for Oracle E-Business Suite on-premises and cloud environments are online patching management...

11299-Managing and Monitoring Oracle E-Business Suite On-Premises and Cloud-Presentation_633.pdf

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Calling Vendor RESTful APIs from Your PL/SQL Program

More and more third-party vendors are requiring the use of Representational State Transfer (REST) Application Programmatic Interfaces (APIs) rather than traditional file exchanges to maintain data to and from E-Business Suite. Learn how to call these APIs from within PL/SQL code, using our...

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Implementation of Customer VMI Module Using Min-Max Planning

The automotive company implemented Oracle Application 12.2.5 having business operations in US, UK & China. We have implemented Customer VMI model by defining Consignment Inventory orgs for UK & China. In the Consign Inv Org we have defined each Customer as Sub inventory to manage each...

10666-Implementation of Customer VMI Module Using Min-Max Planning-Presentation_1.pdf