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It is all about Visualizing Data

Learn all about visualizing data by using Oracle Data Visualization Desktop with ADWC (Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud Service).This is a live demo session that will help you to:• Learn how to connect a desktop analytics tool to the powerful Autonomous Data Warehouse• Learn how to secure a...

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Docker & Essbase - Bring the Cloud to You

Docker is a modern technology for rapidly deploying and containerizing servers both on-premise and on the cloud. This presentation will introduce the Docker technology in a practical way, exploring interesting Essbase/EPM use cases in which Docker can be used to open up and enhance...

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CPS: To Cloud or Not to Cloud - That is the Question!

With more infrastructure and Oracle EBS applications moving to Cloud providers, one of the decisions organizations must confront is the best approach to cloud migration for long-term success. In some cases, short-term success, but we see cloud as a strategic long-term solution for many, not all,...

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Database Driven Machine Learning; Move the Algorithms, Not the Data!

Oracle Databases store massive amounts of business critical data. But when someone says “deeper analysis” or “machine learning”, your first thought is to extract and move data to an analytical platform, right? Wrong! Leave the data where it is. Did you know that Oracle Databases now deliver 60+...

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TAX SIG: Its Been a Huge Year for Tax Globally with Huge Changes - Find out how it will Impact You

The Tax Management Special Interest Group (SIG) provides a forum to allow the OAUG members to ask questions on any tax issue, from the leading experts in this field. We will provide updates on what has been happening globally and respond to a Q&A session for any queries that have been posted...

11003-TAX SIG_ Its Been a Huge Year for Tax Globally with Huge Changes - Find out how it will Impact You-Presentation With Notes_373.pdf