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The Effective Manager

As a manager, are you looking for truly actionable, practical tools to drive your team's success? Based on principles from the book, ""The Effective Manager"", and ""Manager Tools"" podcast, we'll explore the four critical behaviors that make a manager great, and how to adjust your own behavior...

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Employee Engagement – The Secret to Attaining Oracle Applications Ownership Success

One of the biggest challenges for organizations that use Oracle Applications involves keeping top professionals, who ultimately determine how successful you are long term with your Oracle investment. In this session you will learn real world methods, from an experienced Oracle applications...

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Communicating Your Way to Success

Communication between IT and non-IT workers is in a crisis state. Activity identifying communication weaknesses common in the workplace. Discuss impacts on business and work environments as well as the top 10 communication skills that managers look for. Communication skills are lacking in the...

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You’ve Gone From the Basement to the Cloud – Now How do You Move Your Operations up the Value Curve?

In our move to the private cloud, the operations team’s focus has shifted from managing our data center and supporting our users to partnering with external and internal business partners. As leaders of the operations team, we are driving the shift to a model that recognizes our new challenges:...

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Multi-National SIG

The MN-SIG is an Oracle Applications based user group which focuses on areas impacting multi-national organizations. Areas of interest include: Multi-org/ Legal Entity Simplification, On Prem Instance issues, Cross-ERP Systems integration, Cloud Migration & Co-Existence, Global Processes /...

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TAX SIG: Its Been a Huge Year for Tax Globally with Huge Changes - Find out how it will Impact You

The Tax Management Special Interest Group (SIG) provides a forum to allow the OAUG members to ask questions on any tax issue, from the leading experts in this field. We will provide updates on what has been happening globally and respond to a Q&A session for any queries that have been posted...

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It is all about Visualizing Data

Learn all about visualizing data by using Oracle Data Visualization Desktop with ADWC (Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud Service). This is a live demo session that will help you to: • Learn how to connect a desktop analytics tool to the powerful Autonomous Data Warehouse • Learn how to secure a...

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Foundational Concepts in Security and Controls in the ERP Cloud

Oracle has bet the farm on the ERP Cloud as the future of their ERP software portfolio. While much of the core of the ERP Cloud looks and feels like Oracle E-Business Suite, there are some significant differences. In this presentation we will look at the foundational concepts of the ERP Cloud...

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Taming the OACore JVM

The Oracle E-Business Suite OACore JVMs run online application services and essential components of the online user experience. In this session, we will cover various aspects related to OACore JVMs such as sizing the OACore JVMs correctly based on the load as well as the configuration and...

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Oracle Certification: Pathway to Success

As organizations begin their journey to the cloud, there are a new set of applications and technologies that need to be mastered. Oracle provides a great portfolio of certifications to prove your mastery and get recognized by your peers and employers. This panel discussion is to help you to...

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