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Better Financial Planning in EPBCS with Groovy: Business Rules & REST API ETL Make a Difference

Learn how to improve the plan authoring experience for your planners and to prevent sending bad data to Essbase cubes by using data validation on forms. Users skipping instructions? Discover how to use tool-tips and validation messages to guide users via an interactive process. Still using EPM...

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How does Single Sign on Work in Enterprise Performance Management Cloud? Uncovering the Mystery

Let's implement single sign on for Enterprise Performance Management cloud, the security group will love it, the directions are easily found online. This should be quick. Should, horrible word. Let me unravel the mystery around implementation of single sign on with Enterprise Performance...

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Cloud Curious? – An On-Premise Skeptics’ Transition to the Cloud

In our minds Cloud was at the bottom of our list. Why? Loss of control, satisfaction with our recently updated on premise application, simplified interface was not impressive, and loss of standalone Essbase. Due to unsupported Hyperion software and end of life hardware we needed to upgrade....

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Manage the Journey to Cloud with Co-Existence

The world around you and sales guys are pushing you to the Cloud (or trying hard). How do you manage this journey with the least amount of heartache! Welcome to the world of co-existence and how this could be a small step towards moving ahead with your cloud journey. Join us in this session to...

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Cloud Supply Chain Financials - Intercompany Automation and Orchestration

The Supply Chain Cloud is expanding logistics intercompany functions to a number of long-awaited areas: Multi-tier IR/ISO, Intercompany transactions generated based on cross-entity service and other non-shippable items, Expanded accounting functionality to include Commissionaire. We will review...

10908-Cloud Supply Chain Financials - Intercompany Automation and Orchestration-Presentation_273.pdf

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Emerging Technologies in EPM

Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotic process automation open exciting new opportunities for innovation in EPM. In this session Oracle Product Development provides a forward-looking overview of the technology-led opportunities for innovation and...

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