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Trust and Verify – What are Privileged Users Doing in the EBS Database?

Independent financial auditors look for controls over what privileged users do in Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) and to its database. Privileged users include business support, IT support and database administration staff. They have a high level of skill and are trusted to work on EBS, a critical...

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Calling Vendor RESTful APIs from Your PL/SQL Program

More and more third-party vendors are requiring the use of Representational State Transfer (REST) Application Programmatic Interfaces (APIs) rather than traditional file exchanges to maintain data to and from E-Business Suite. Learn how to call these APIs from within PL/SQL code, using our...

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Implement Maximum Availability/Disaster Recovery for E-Business Suite in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Learn how to set up Oracle’s Maximum Availability Architecture and Disaster Recovery for Oracle E-Business Suite in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with relative ease and at much lower cost. OCI tools and approaches to build highly available applications on Oracle Cloud Platform will be discussed....

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Running Oracle E-Business Suite on Kubernetes Docker Cluster

Container Technologies like Docker and Kubernetes helped users make use of actual advantages of Cloud platforms like AWS, Azure & Google Cloud. In this session We will go over how kubernetes & docker work and we are going to give overview of running Oracle E-Business Suite on Docker...

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Applications Database Tuning Panel

The Database Tuning Panel is an opportunity to both ask your questions to a panel of experts as well as hear what types of issues other users are having in their installations. The panel will answer a combination of questions submitted before the conference as well as taking questions from the...

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It is all about Visualizing Data

Learn all about visualizing data by using Oracle Data Visualization Desktop with ADWC (Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud Service).This is a live demo session that will help you to:• Learn how to connect a desktop analytics tool to the powerful Autonomous Data Warehouse• Learn how to secure a...

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