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18+ College Essay Prompts That Make Great Essays

Admission essays are different from the usual essays and this makes them different and harder also. Since they are completely different from the usual college essays, students often find them hard to master and write. Due to these reasons, many students prefer working with a ‘write my essay’ service provider that provides high quality essays at affordable rates.

Though these service providers offer a great help to the students, finding a reputable and professional writing service could be a bit harder and trickier. But don't worry, we have compiled a list of interesting and easy to manage college essay topics that will help you write an impressive essay and make your place in your chosen college.

A good topic is as important as the entire essay because this is from where your reader will know about the subject of your essay and what you have discussed in it. Moreover, a good topic will also intrigue your reader and keep him glued to your essay.

Read on to know more about these topics that you could use to write your custom essay that would go with your admission application.

  1. The college would love to know why you chose them so state some reasons due to which you chose them.
  2. Talk about a challenging situation that you faced in your college and the way you tackled it successfully.
  3. How will you contribute to society after passing out?
  4. Why did you choose your respective field of study? Discuss how it is in line with your future goals and aspirations.
  5. Did you visit the college campus? If yes, how did you find the experience and did you notice something new?
  6. Have you heard of any professor of the college and would like to take his class? Is yes, state the reasons.
  7. Did you have any extracurricular activities in your college? What were they and do they connect with your field of study?
  8. What kind of organization will you choose to practice what you learned from the college and why?
  9. Are you an introvert or an extrovert person? Does it have any effect on your academic life?
  10. Describe a person that has had a long lasting effect on your life and changed your personality for good.
  11. Do you listen to your parents’ advice about future plans? How did it affect your life and decisions?
  12. What drives your decision to choose this field of study and what do you plan to do with it.
  13. How do you balance and control your emotions? Do they have any affect on your decisions?
  14. What are your views on controversial topics lie cloning, same sex marriage and interracial relationships?
  15. Do you think that being born into a privileged family makes you more or less aware of the socioeconomic conditions of other communities?
  16. Do you believe in giving back to society? If yes, how do you plan to do it after completing your degree?
  17. Discuss any hobby or skill that contributed to heightening your interest in your chosen field of study.
  18. Do you believe that basic instincts affect the way we behave and make our future decisions? If yes, how and why?
  19. How will you use the degree to make yourself more financially independent?
  20. Did you ever face discrimination at your school or college? If yes, how did you overcome the situation?
  21. How did racial diversity shape your personality and views on diversity and inclusiveness?

Besides, you can choose a number of other topics that are related to your personality and will help the admission officer know you better. For additional help such as if you want someone to write my essay for me and to buy essay online, you must choose a professional.

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