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  • 1.  Notes in iProcurement

    Board Officer
    Posted 10-02-2021 11:24 PM
    We're upgrading from 12.1.3 to 12.2, and while reviewing the iProcurement forms it seems like the "Note to Approver" field has been removed from the forms.

    Is that correct? Or is it hiding someplace? Any guidance would be appreciated.


    Andy Farber
    Associate Director, Financial Systems
    Consumer Reports
    Yonkers NY

  • 2.  RE: Notes in iProcurement

    Oracle Ace
    Posted 10-06-2021 02:56 PM
    Edited by James Lui 10-06-2021 03:28 PM
    Our procurement team uses Header Attachments as Notes to Approver since they needed to include things like Word docs and PDF's upon occasion in addition to the old text-based notes.  Approvers can reply in Notes to Buyer/Requester in the e-mail Notifications sent back to EBS.

    They also mentioned there's a field named "Justification" that works like the old "Notes to Approver" field did.  That's also at the Header level of both documents.  I can send a screenshot, if needed.

    James Lui
    Principal DBA Team Lead
    Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
    Los Angeles CA
    (213) 217-6590

  • 3.  RE: Notes in iProcurement

    Posted 10-07-2021 07:57 AM
    Hi Andy, 
    We still have note to Approver and Note to Buyer and we are in 12.2.4.  Moving to 12.2.10.  I am free if you would like to get on a call and discuss and possibly share screens so that we can discuss.  

    Lisa Pruitt-Matthews
    Business Analyst
    Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD)
    Virginia Beach VA
    (757) 460-7213

  • 4.  RE: Notes in iProcurement

    Posted 10-13-2021 12:27 PM
    We use the Justification box in the header and just change the prompt to 'Note to Approver'

    Dione LaValle
    Oracle Apps Admin Analyst
    Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation
    Center City MN
    (651) 213-4034