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  • 1.  iProcurement - Project Costing - Rel 12.2.9

    Posted 09-05-2021 12:04 PM

    Since we went live with 12.2.9 (in May 2021), we have an intermittent issue in iProcurement where the auto accounting is not populating the correct GLAFF.   We mainly utilize Project and Tasks to create our GLAFFs.

    The way auto accounting works in iProcurement:  1) Line is created and Oracle assigns a default account GLAFF (could be from employee record, from preferences, from vendor, etc).  2) Then in the shopping cart, the user modifies the row to add the Project/Task (not a customization, Oracle seeded fields). 3) Oracle has a call (built in - not a customization) that will then call the auto accounting when the user clicks save and 4) will change the "default" to what is returned by the auto accounting process.

    For whatever reason, either this call is not being made or the call is made and the GLAFF created by auto accounting is not being applied to the line.  This only occurs on a few of the requisitions we create out of the 100's we do daily.

    We have found no rhyme or reason why some iProcurement lines correctly return the GLAFF and other's keep the default GLAFF.

       Different users are creating the reqs
       GLAFFs in question are not new combinations. 
       GLAFF is valid and enabled. 
       GLAFF does not violate any security rules or CVRs
       Project/Task used are valid and active
       User can create 1 req with the issue, then immediately do another req using the exact same Project/Task, same everything and it correctly pulls the GLAFF.
       We've reviewed the auto accounting rules set up in Projects, but are not finding any issues.
       We've reviewed the auto accounting scripts, but are also not finding any issues.   

    It does not occur when building requisitions in core Oracle Purchasing.

    An Oracle SR was created, but they stated since auto accounting and the use of Projects in iProcurement is a "customization" they can't help us. 

    Has anyone else experienced this? How did you fix it?  Any advice on how to troubleshoot?

    Thank you,

    Toni Sheets
    Sr Accounting Systems Support Analyst
    LGE-KU Services
    Louisville KY
    (502) 627-4343

  • 2.  RE: iProcurement - Project Costing - Rel 12.2.9

    Posted 09-07-2021 01:38 PM
    Hi Toni,

    We ran into an issue with our Account Code Generators when we upgraded to 12.2.9 last year.  During testing 12.2.9, we found that they disappeared.  We had to have them re-deployed.  
     Missing CREATEPO - LACSD PO Create Documents, POWFPOAG - LACSD PO Account Generator and POWFPOAG - LACSD PO Requisition Account Generator  

    We also have a defaulted charge string for each employee and it is overwritten when the record is saved with the Project/Task and Award string.  We had a different issue when users copied old Reqs that had invalid charge strings  - we opened an SR with Oracle.    Oracle let us know that there is no revalidation being performed when a record is copied.  We had to write our own validation.

    Hope this helps,

    Maria Salazar
    Senior Systems Analyst
    Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts
    Whittier CA
    (562) 908-4288