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  • 1.  Options when your Partner Implementation company is not working

    Posted 06-03-2021 12:24 PM
    Hi there, just want to know what other User Companies have done when having difficulties with your partner Consulting company.

    We just want to know if you were able to make it work better and how you did it.

    Any information is appreciated.


    Luis Vazquez
    Aurora Public Schools
    Aurora CO
    (303) 326-1985

  • 2.  RE: Options when your Partner Implementation company is not working

    Oracle Ace Director
    Posted 06-21-2021 10:32 AM
    I know you would like feedback from end users but from a partner perspective, I'll make a few suggestions.  I find that when a project starts heading off track, the following items becomes even more important:
    1. Manage to a project plan and review that plan on a weekly basis.  There should be enough detail in the plan that each resource can filter for the current week and know what they are supposed to be doing.
    2. Make sure individual status reports include what the resource did in the past week and what they plan to accomplish the next week to minimize any ambiguity and hold people accountable.
    3. Review the issues, action items and decision log daily until the project is back on track
    4. Instead of "requesting" a completion date for an item, ask the vendor when they will commit to a completion date and if they don't meet the date, have a defined contingency.  Make sure everyone is aware of the trickle down impact of missed dates.
    5. As chaos increases, more detailed planning is required.  That doesn't mean more meetings.  The project manager must be able to work a plan.
    6. If it's really out of control, require people to keep their camera on in an open virtual workroom at all times for a short period of time to get it back on track.  It sounds annoying but if you do this for a week, you will be surprised how much collaboration improves.  At a minimum, require cameras on for meetings.  It's too easy to multi task and people aren't listening as they should.

    Hope this helps.

    Susan Behn
    VP of Oracle Applications
    Infosemantics, Inc.
    Grapevine TX
    (121) 428-2922

  • 3.  RE: Options when your Partner Implementation company is not working

    SIG Leader
    Posted 06-22-2021 08:02 AM

    I've been in both sides of projects, and I am an end user now.  I agree with Susan's comments.  From you question, it is hard to answer.  I have seen problems with the partner because of the project manager.  Unfortunately, I have seen this because the PM is insisting things be done a certain way and the customer doesn't like it resulting in the PM is fired and replaced by someone who does it how the customer wants.  This is actually when the project goes off the rails because the first PM was correct (this is usually around customizations).  I have also seen larger partners sending in too junior consultants, not transferring knowledge to the customer's employees, etc.  

    Take a look at who the Oracle Aces are from smaller firms as well as who has been doing user group presentations.  Consider contacting one of those firms to audit the project.  They can help you decide where the problems are and your best options to resolve the issue.

    Michael Brown
    Database Administrator
    Burlington NC
    (859) 371-4423 x3353

  • 4.  RE: Options when your Partner Implementation company is not working

    Oracle Ace
    Posted 06-23-2021 08:54 AM
    Good morning, recently another OATUG member posted a similar issue about their partner. As the conversation picked up on the OATUG forum it got the partners attention - perhaps this will do the same thing for you. Hopefully, it is not the same partner firm that is creating these issues.

    Are the issues with the product, people, or both?

    I agree with Mike and Susan's comments too...In this day and age, we should not be experiencing issues with projects (so many methods to use and excellent PMs) but we do.  Many times it is the expectations of the project teams that are not aligned properly or perhaps roles and responsibilities are unclear. There are so many different aspects of a project that could go wrong if there is improper project planning, executive commitment, and overall buy-in from team members (internal and external). Your organization's project success should be first and foremost to your partner after all you are the customer and you are the ones paying their invoices. If your project partner is not treating you as you expect or they have committed then it's time to find a new partner. Many times it is the people from the partner that are the issue - so if you like the partner organization and have issues with the people, replace them. If this doesn't work or your partner is not listening to your concerns then replace the partner. There are many capable partner options out there to serve your organization - many of them are associate members of OATUG.

    Bill Dunham
    OATC, Inc.
    Charlotte NC
    (844) 879-6282 x701

  • 5.  RE: Options when your Partner Implementation company is not working

    OATUG Star Partner
    Posted 06-23-2021 11:38 AM
    I agree with all of the responses and have a few things to add (having just been through this with a PeopleSoft 9.2 upgrade)
    1. Define deliverables for each milestone and the exit of the milestone requires delivery of the documents.  No sign-off on the milestone until the deliverables are received
    2. Conduct an internal technical review to insure tasks are actually completed and are implemented correctly
    3. Make sure to have at least a 30 day post go-live warranty period in the contract for break fix.

    Linda Stewart
    Performance Architects

    Linda Stewart
    Performance Architects, Inc.
    Boston MA
    (334) 435-1400