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  • 1.  Oracle SaaS charge-back best practices

    Posted 11-15-2021 03:42 PM
    Has anyone implemented an effective method for charging back SaaS subscriptions/usage?  Any suggestions on how to get started?

    Dean Colwell
    Trane Technologies
    Davidson NC
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  • 2.  RE: Oracle SaaS charge-back best practices

    SIG Leader
    Posted 5 days ago


    Apologies for the delayed reply. 

    2 1/2 questions before I can try an answer. 
    1a) Are you talking about "demanding" a chargeback, i.e. from your Acc. Payable perspective as a customer towards a vendor or
    1b) needing to "give back" a charge back, i.e. from your Acc Receivable perspective as vendor towards a customer? 
    2) If 1a) is true - are you the customer and vendor is Oracle, providing SaaS services to you? 

    I 1a) and 2) are yes - then we should the OATUG board for the discussion and get more people involved.  We all have the same "vendor" in that case.,  

    Please clarify and let me know also if you received a resolution yet and how. 


    Hans Kolbe, Multi-National SIG 415-730-1131

    Hans Kolbe
    Celantra Systems
    San Francisco CA
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