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  • 1.  Regression Testing Cloud Financials, Procurement, HCM

    Posted 12-03-2021 09:33 AM
    We are looking to go to CLOUD Financials, Procurement, and HCM in 2022.
    Do any of you have experience using a good regression testing software?

    I want to enter my testing Data and be able to run it against all upgrades, patches, program changes etc...As you know currently tryin to get your end users to test can be a challenge.   If I have a regression tool I feel my users would be happy to help set up the test once so they don't have to test themselves on a regular basis.   Oh wait, let's be honest, it is me and the rest of the IT team who does the testing because the users don't!!!

    Thank you in advance.

    Anne Cooper
    Oracle EBS Analyst
    DeKalb County Georgia
    Atlanta GA
    (404) 371-2588

  • 2.  RE: Regression Testing Cloud Financials, Procurement, HCM

    OATUG Star Partner
    Posted 12-04-2021 07:28 AM

    Hi Anne,

    It would be worth taking a t look at and ConfigSnapshot for EBS & Cloud applications as the tool is PC based, installed in minutes, no consultancy required and will help you identify where to test and identify and track changes.

    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards

    Martin Jenkinson 

    +1 (646) 652 6855

    Martin Jenkinson
    Account Director
    ConfigSnapshot – Rookery Software
    Malmesbury, Wiltshire
    (646) 652-6855