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  • 1.  On HPUX, should EBS 12.1.3 or DB be upgraded first

    Posted 09-08-2021 12:46 PM
    Is there a recommendation roadmap for upgrading R12.1.3 with to R12.2.10 with 19C. We don't have a large enough window to upgrade both the EBS and database at the same time.  Since R12.2 can be installed with 12C, maybe we should stay with 12C for the EBS upgrade then do the database afterwards? Is there a benefit 
    with regard to timing, number of patches, complexity choosing EBS or DB first?

    David Ramkelawan
    Hartz Mountain Corporation
    Secaucus NJ

  • 2.  RE: On HPUX, should EBS 12.1.3 or DB be upgraded first

    Oracle Ace Director
    Posted 09-21-2021 09:34 AM
    We have found much more success in multiple projects upgrading EBS first.  The benefit is reduced issue resolution and avoiding some interoperability patching but mainly it was just painful to get 19c working on 12.1.3.  Maybe it's better now and others have a different experience but at the point, even when we do both in the same downtime window, we upgrade EBS followed by the database.  This is opposite of what we have done in prior releases but every time we have tried to upgrade 12.1.3 to 19c, we had issues so we stopped trying.

    Susan Behn
    VP of Oracle Applications
    Infosemantics, Inc.
    Grapevine TX
    (121) 428-2922

  • 3.  RE: On HPUX, should EBS 12.1.3 or DB be upgraded first

    CO19 Speaker
    Posted 12-16-2021 11:13 AM
    Hi David,

    I would do it in a one-shot downtime. This minimizes downtime windows and testing effort. Do you stick with HPUX or do you plan a platform migration as well?
    If you plan platform migration you can directly migrate from 12c DB to 19c DB. 


    Kai Glittenberg
    Solution Architect Cloud Services
    Apps Associates
    (491) 603-655544