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Procurement SIG Presents: Bringing Your Procurement into the 21st Century 

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Presenter: Stephanie Atienza and Lisa Pruitt-Matthews - HRSD
Date and time:  March 24, 2020 11:00 - 12:00 EST
Duration:  60 minutes

During this presentation will show you how to take a requisition to a Bid and then to a PO. The main emphasis will be on the Bid Piece. First, we share with you how to create a requisition by shopping from "My Stores" and submitting for approval. Once it is approved, we will go to the Buyer Work Center and create a new solicitation with the outcome of Standard Purchase Order using templates, updating variable values, and them submit for approval. After approval we will Publish Bid, Manage Abstracts and Forms, and then Publish Abstracts. We will invite multiple Suppliers to this Bid and show you how a Supplier utilizes Sourcing Supplier to bid on the new solicitation. Once the supplier submits a bid, we will mix things up a little and show you how the Buyer can create an amendment. Now that we’ve created an amendment the Supplier will need to acknowledge the amendment, and reply using the Sourcing Module. After the Supplier acknowledges the amendment we will close and award the solicitation. Finally, we will share with you how we turn it into a Purchase Order.

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