About the Accounts Receivable, Credit and Collections (ARCC) SIG

Mission Statement and Charter


Our organization is officially named the Accounts Receivable, Credit and Collections Special Interest Group or the ARCC SIG.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Accounts Receivable, Credit and Collections Special Interest Group (ARCC SIG) is to provide a forum for users and supporters of the Oracle Receivables, Oracle Credit Management, iReceivables and Oracle Collections products that provides:

  • Education for new, existing, and prospective users of the products
  • Input to Oracle on the product’s direction, including enhancements, training, support, consulting, and documentation
  • Dissemination of information to and from Oracle and other parties related to the products
  • Opportunities to network and share information, issues and solutions.


The criteria for membership are as follows:

  • Members of the ARCC SIG are not required to be members of the Oracle Applications & Technology Users Group (OATUG)
  • For purposes of membership, each individual who has “joined” the SIG is considered to be a member
  • We do not charge any dues or fees.


Meetings will be convened as follows:

  • At a minimum, a meeting of the ARCC SIG will be held at OATUG conferences and at Oracle OpenWorld.
  • Additionally, online webinar style meetings may be held
  • All meetings must be coordinated and sanctioned by the elected officers of the SIG.


The elected positions of the Oracle Receivables SIG and their responsibilities are as follows:

  • Chairperson - Presides over all activities of the SIG.
  • Membership Chair – Responsible for all activities related to the members in the group. Maintains the SIG’s membership list.
  • Communication Chair - Acts as the central point of contact between the SIG and external organizations such as OATUG, Oracle Development, and Third Party Vendors.
  • Event Coordinator - Insures that we have proper content and representation at each of our events.
  • Web Master - Maintains the SIG web page.

Officers will serve in their positions for two year terms. There is, however, no limit to the number of terms an officer may hold their position.


The following committees will be a permanent part of the SIG. Other committees will be established as needed:

  • Enhancements - Charged with communication of the SIG’s interests to both the OATUG and Oracle Development
  • Implementations - Charged with communication the needs of the Receivables Consulting community to the OATUG, Oracle Development, Oracle Consulting, and Oracle Education.

Charter Amendments

This charter can be amended by a quorum vote of the represented SIG membership via and on-line ballot. Changes should be submitted in advance and will be published using the SIG ListServer.


Our primary means of communication with our members is our ListServer: ar-list@yahoogroups.com . To join the ListServer, send an email to: ar-list-subscribe@yahoogroups.com We will add you to the group within 24 hours.

End of Charter

For more details, contact our Coordinator Cathy Cakebread.