About the ATLOATUG


Education  Networking  Share Experiences  Commiserate
The Atl-OATUG has been formed for the functional user to hear topics specific to their needs and to network with other users in the local area. The price is right (free!), the distance is near (local!) and the time commitment minimal (3 1/2 hours). This is an opportunity to involve many of your users that would not otherwise be able to attend national or regional meetings but have needs that can be met in the local area. Please distribute this to your primary functional user in each of your Oracle financial applications and encourage their participation. This group offers a low cost, convenient, educational and networking opportunity. 

Please fill in this Registration Form, press Register and it will take you to the OATUG GEO registration page. You do not have to be an OATUG member to register. If you have questions or problems please send email to our webmaster. Primary communication will be by e-mail so please be sure to include your e-mail address. Specific organizational questions about the group can be answered by our coordinator, Andrew Snyder

Members are encouraged to volunteer a conference room (50+ seating) and host a meeting. See calendar at https://www.oatug.org/atloatug/events.

If you are interested in making a presentation to this user group, send detailed information about your topic to the coordinator

Vendor Policy
Part of the principle purpose of the Atl-OATUG is to disseminate information about support tools and related technologies that are available through third party vendors. We invite vendors to participate in the Atl-OATUG. Some of the avenues for participation include presentations at a monthly meeting and speaking with members by attending any of our events. If you are interested in a presentation, please contact our Coordinator. If you are interested in a becoming a member of the Atl-OATUG, please fill in this Registration Form on OATUG website. In addition, the Atl-OATUG will be happy to distribute any literature about your company, products and/or services to our membership at our monthly meetings. You may send any additional literature to the monthly host company for distribution. The email addresses of our monthly hosts can be found here.

Please note that vendors are not allowed to send any advertisements through the atl-apps-l list server. Such activity will result in expulsion from the list server.