Charter and Bylaws


The Oracle Configurator SIG was formed in response to OAUGSM Objectives to promote the formation of special interest groups focused on Oracle Applications for the exchange and dissemination of information.

The Oracle Configurator SIG will address topics relevant to the installation, configuration, implementation, maintenance, support and continued enhancement of Oracle Configurator Applications. In addition Configurator SIG will address topics relevant to the Configure to Order
(CTO) process flow of configuration information as it moves through the CTO process. In so doing, the Oracle Configurator SIG will work to improve processes, documentation, software and other items related to the above objectives through active participation in the enhancement process, development of materials and programs and the exchange of information.

Karen FontaineOracle
Oracle Development Liaision

Shivam BrahmbhattA5
Communications Chair


Section I - Name

  1. Name. The Oracle Configurator SIG

Section 2 - Organization

Structure. the Oracle Configurator SIG shall be made up of its members. The Oracle Configurator SIG is a volunteer group having no membership dues or paid officers.

Members may include licensed users of Oracle Configurator, prospective users evaluating Oracle Configurator, consultants and vendors of products complementary to Oracle Configurator and any OATUGSM member. OATUGSM Associate Members may participate as non-voting members of the Oracle Configurator SIG. Management of the Oracle Configurator SIG shall include the following:

  1. A Coordinator, who shall be responsible for coordinating activities of the Oracle Configurator SIG and shall serve as a key contact for OATUGSM.
  2. A Membership representative, who shall be responsible for promoting participation in the Oracle Configurator SIG. This position must be filled by a User Member
  3. An Enhancement representative, who shall be responsible for soliciting enhancement requests from the SIG, for facilitating the incorporation of such requests into the OATUGSM enhancement process and for disseminating information from the OATUGSM Enhancement Committee to the Oracle Configurator SIG.

Selection of Management
Members wishing to volunteer for positions in the management of the Oracle Configurator SIG shall declare their candidacy during the 1st quarter of the calendar year. Should more than one member volunteer for a position, a vote will be held during the SIG day meeting at the OATUGSM Spring Conference. All members present at the SIG day meeting will be eligible to vote. Should only one candidate exist for each management position as of the Spring SIG Day Meeting, the appointment will be made by acclimation.

Term of Management
Management positions shall be for one year beginning on April 1st and concluding on March 31st, except in the event of multiple candidates for a position, in which case the position term will begin following a vote of those members present on SIG day at the Spring Conference.