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COLLABORATE 20 - Emerging Tech Sessions

Join us at COLLABORATE 20 for the Emerging Tech Special Interest Group (SIG) session to meet the members and learn from their experiences on Tuesday April 21,2020 at 10.30 am

Emerging Technologies SIG Group – How Our Jobs Will Change

Other Emerging Tech sessions at Collaborate 2020:
11818: The Accounts Payable Manager’s Field Guide to Robotic Process Automation
11740: Approval Purgatory – How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Process Cloud
11835: Create a Digital Workforce of People, Systems, and Robots with Oracle Integration
11692: The Rise of the Virtual Digital Assistant and Why You’ll Want it for Oracle ERP
11494: Learn what Ameren is doing with Robotics Process Automation (RPA)
11716: Architect Integrations with Oracle E-Business Suite in Oracle Cloud vs. Amazon Web Services
11769: Introduction to Blockchain
11791: Simplifying Oracle Cloud Quality Assurance and Process Automation Using appBOTS
12316: Machine Learning and AI Cloud Applications for the Manufacturing Industry
11743: Operationalizing BlockChain Using Oracle BlockChain Cloud Services
11741: Robotics Process Automation - 5 Real World Use Cases
11756: Are You Ready to go to Oracle Provided Blockchain Applications?
11618: Using Robotic Process Automation to Induce ERP innovation
11723: Accelerated Testing for Enterprise Resource Planning Transformation - A Pipe Dream or Reality?
11696: Charlie Brown, You Blockchain!
11768: Securing Internet of Things IoT with Blockchain
11627: Autonomous Bot to Automate Oracle Cloud Application Transactions and Setups
11767: Using AI and Oracle in Real Life – A Face Recognition POC
11522: Future of Efficiency and Productivity: Robotics Process Automation (RPA) and Oracle Financials


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