About the Michigan OATUG

Michigan Oracle Applications & Technology Users Group serves as the pre-eminent and independent voice of users of Oracle Applications and Technology in Michigan Area. We promote education, networking, communications, and information sharing. With a wide range of activities, such as conferences, publications, affiliated group events, and a variety of member services, MI-OATUG works to increase members' knowledge and understanding of Oracle Applications and to communicate issues and needs to Oracle Corporation. Independent of Oracle Corporation, MI-OATUG is completely funded by its membership and is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of elected representatives from the MI-OATUG member community. MI-OATUG members represent many diverse backgrounds and industries. Members include: end users, project managers, technical staff, management personnel, service providers, hardware vendors, and third-party software solution providers.

MI-OATUG represents the interests of Oracle Applications and Technology users in Michigan Area in promoting the optimal use and ongoing development of Oracle Applications products.

Michigan Oracle Applications & Technology Users Group Mission:

  • Provide a forum for Michigan Oracle users for sharing information and experience on the selection, implementation, and effective use of the Oracle Applications products
  • Support local area user groups
  • Add our voice to the Oracle Applications & Technology Users Group (OATUG), in order to provide support to members and guide the direction of future Oracle products
  • Promote the optimal benefit-in-use of Oracle Applications, supporting education and training programs and events associated with their use, as well as developing conferences, publications, and electronic meeting places dedicated to the Oracle Applications products.