• Predictive Planning Session is a Big success!

    Thanks to all who attended the Predictive Planning session on May 29th.  It was lively, interesting and very informative.  Thanks, Tommy Smith and Mindstream for this great presentation. 

    If you missed the session, check it out on the OATUG library:
  • Confused about "Blockchain" and how it affects you?

    We have been hearing about "blockchain" for some time now, yet many IT professionals are uncertain of what it is and how it will impact our future.  Join us this Friday for an excellent presentation by Lyson Ludvic from Oracle. This session will delve into the history, structure, and fundamentals of blockchain technologies, types of blockchains, and their current applications in the market.  Register here ===================>
  • Thanks to all participants at NEOATUG Training Days.

    The holidays have come and gone, and a new year lays ahead.  Before launching into our events for 2020, we at NEOATUG wanted to thank our Attendees, Sponsors, and Organizers for the great turnout at our Trainnig day event at Foxborough Stadium on November 14th.  We welcome your feedback and suggestions on how to improve this event and look forward to seeing you all at our training day event in the fall of this space for the date announcemtnes.