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    COLLABORATE 20 promises to be an incredible week of education and connection to move your business forward. One week at COLLABORATE equips you with the expertise and insight needed to do your job more effectively and maximize your organization’s investments in Oracle Applications and Technology. Join us for COLLABORATE 20, April 19-23, 2020 in Las Vegas!

  • Nevada OATUG Member Enhancement Requests

    Learn How to Influence Oracle's Product Features and Functions

    Did you know you can influence Oracle's future product features and functions? Have you been frustrated submitting Enhancement Requests because they are difficult to track and don’t get attention?

    Well Oracle has heard you loud and clear! Join other users in ‘Ideas’ in your Community spaces. Here you can:

    • Submit your Ideas direct to Development.
    • Search for: Ideas already submitted using keywords.
    • Vote on: Ideas to emphasize their importance and influence adoption.
    • Add your: comments and suggestions.

    See updates from Development and support and check on the Idea status.

    Oracle has many community spaces with Ideas turned on...but as they begin to unveil ‘Ideas’ in more community spaces, look for the ‘Create an idea' link under Actions, to know if Ideas are available.

    Creating an Idea is not that different from starting a discussion. For a sample check out the Community Feedback and Suggestions space where Ideas have been turned on. From the main page click on Content and then the Ideas tab to take a look at all the Ideas submitted.

    Drill down on Ideas you are interested in, add your comments and most importantly Vote! To vote click on the Up arrow if you like the Idea or Down arrow if you don’t.
  • Nevada OAUG is now known as Nevada OATUG

    OAUG announced at COLLABORATE19 that they are now known as OATUG which means Oracle Applications and Technology Users Group.

    Why the change? It was determined that 40% of all sessions, webinars, and meetups are 40% technology content driven therefore the word technology was added to the name.

    In the coming months all GEO's and SIG's websites will reflect the new naming convention. For more information on OATUG’s name change, please see the following message from OATUG President, Doug Manning.

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