Article I

Name of Organization

The OMSIG, also known as the Oracle Order Management Special Interest Group, is a not-for-profit organization.

Article II

Purpose & Objectives

Our purpose is to inform and educate our members on current and future functionality of Oracle Order Management in all Oracle Applications, while offering a forum for peers to share their experience and knowledge in the use of Oracle Order Management. Meetings will be conducted at the Collaborate & Oracle OpenWorld conferences, per year, to allow for a robust offering of programming to meet the requirements of our diverse membership.

Article III


Membership is open to anyone with an interest in using Oracle Order Management with Oracle Applications, with no dues for membership.

Article IV

OAUG Affiliation

In order to maintain its affiliation with the OATUG in good standing, the OMSIG will:

  • Provide the OATUG with properly Group Affiliation Forms on an annual basis, or as required.
  • Provide the OATUG with group membership information annually and group contact information on an ongoing basis.
  • Promote OATUG Membership and ongoing relationship development between group members and OATUG.
  • Conduct two meetings per year.
  • Maintain group records and meeting minutes in accordance to set by-laws.

Article V

Elected Officers

OMSIG will be led by a Board of nine members, of which eight will be elected by the general membership and one nominated as the Oracle Liaison. The Board positions will serve for a term of two years. To ensure continuity of the Board, only four seats will be open for election every year.

  • Chairperson: The Chairperson will function as the spokesperson for this group and as such is an important representative of the group as well as the OATUG. The Chairperson is also the officer responsible for the management and maintenance of membership lists.
  • Vice Chairperson: The Vice Chairperson is responsible for assisting and supporting the Chairperson in all capacities, as well as assuming the responsibilities of the Chairperson if he/she should be unavailable. The Vice Chairperson also may identify one or more objectives for the group to focus during his or her term such as increasing the group’s membership or improving meetings and participation.
  • Secretary: The Secretary is responsible for recording and documenting information discussed and decided upon at all OMSIG meetings, publishing meeting minutes, managing the action item list, and maintaining all other documents.
  • Enhancement Coordinator: The Enhancement Chairperson is responsible for coordinating all enhancement requests originating from the OMSIG pertaining to the group’s areas of focus and communicating them to the OATUG Enhancement Committee. Responsibilities include the review and editing of all submitted enhancement requests from the OMSIG, participating in the OATUG Enhancement Committee meetings, and communicating the status of enhancements to group members.
  • Meeting Coordinator: The Meeting Coordinator is responsible for the scheduling, planning, and coordination of all OMSIG meetings and other scheduled activities such as conference calls. This may include quarterly meetings, meetings at OATUG conferences, and more frequent regional meetings.
  • Newsletter Coordinator: The Newsletter Coordinator is a volunteer who is responsible for managing the publication of OMSIG newsletters and handling submissions from the community to OATUG publications including, but not limited to: the Insight newsletter, the OATUG Forum magazine, and OAUG e-News. The Newsletter Coordinator may solicit assistance from other members to form a newsletter staff.
  • Website Coordinator: The Website Coordinator is responsible for the development and maintenance of the OATUG OMSIG Web site.
  • Communications Coordinator: The Communications Coordinator is responsible for drafting messages to be posted to the OMSIG List Server, and other means of communication among members. The Communications Coordinator may solicit assistance from other members to form a communications staff.
  • Oracle Liaison: The Oracle Liaison is an employee of Oracle Corporation who has responsibilities associated with the focus of the OMSIG and is interested in the topics addressed by this group. This individual acts as a resource to the OMSIG by providing a direct contact within Oracle to obtain answers to questions or concerns related to Oracle Corporation and software, assisting with obtaining Oracle resources to participate in meetings, and providing overall support of the group functions from Oracle Corporation. Typically, a group selects one Oracle Liaison from Oracle Corporation who would serve as long as Oracle management permits or until the group requests a change.

Article VI

Board Member Policies and Contingencies

  • In the event of a vacancy on the Board by reason of death or resignation or dismissal, said position shall be filled by majority vote of the BOD for the balance of the term.
  • As a goal, the Board Members should be comprised of
    • No less than three, as Applications Users, and
    • No more than four, as Consultants or Suppliers.