About the User Management/Role Based Access Control SIG


The scope of the User Management/Role Based Access Control SIG includes the components of user management that allow E-Business Suite users to define administrative functions and manage users access to both functions and data based on roles within an organization rather than the user's individual identity which is referred to as Role Based Access Control (RBAC). 


The mission of the User Management/Role Based Access Control SIG is to promote the use of a common security model across all application modules to provide an efficient method to provide granular security for both functions and data.  This common model allows customers to delegate and automate the administration of roles and responsibilities based on specific criteria that meets the needs of their organization.  These capabilities support the globalization features built into the latest E-Business releases.  Additionally, the resulting auditability, efficiency and control inherent in this use of this product should encourage wider acceptance of the use of RBAC.


The focus of the User Management/Role Based Access Control SIG will be to provide education for the user community on the powerful features included in user management.  As a group, sharing experiences on how this product has been implemented in various organizations will encourage wider acceptance and utilization of this product.  The community needs these real world experiences to reduce the perception that this product is difficult to understand and configure. To join this SIG, click here.