About the SROATUG


To help you better understand the SROATUG geographic user organization, our mission statement is included below:

  • To represent the interests of Oracle Applications & Technology Users worldwide in securing the optimum use and ongoing development of the Oracle Applications products, in particular.
  • To provide a forum for the sharing of information and experience on the selection, implementation and effective use of Oracle Applications products.
  • To maintain a  mechanism for establishing and communicating to Oracle Corporation, users' collective priorities for the future development direction and  enhancement of Oracle Applications products, with the objective of ensuring their continuous improvement. 
  • To maintain a robust and effective worldwide communications channel with Oracle Corporation regarding the Applications.
  • To promote the optimum benefit-in-use of Oracle Applications by supporting education and training programs and events associated with their use; and through conferences, publications and electronic meeting places dedicated to the Oracle Applications products.


The Southwest US Regional Oracle Applications Users Group was formed in the Costa Mesa, California area kickoff meeting in January 1996 by a group of Oracle Applications Users to share information and meet the specialized needs of Oracle Applications professionals, to provide them a regional forum to train, evaluate and network with their peers throughout all industries. During the first meeting, all regional group members opened a channel with OATUG about Oracle's product development, quality and user support.

Structure & Organization:

SROATUG is governed by a Board of Directors to be elected from the user community. All members are encouraged to participate fully and serve on committees in which they have an  interest. The various committees and their functions are defined below.

Board of Directors

The SROATUG Board of Directors is comprised of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Newsletter Coordinator, Membership Coordinator, Meeting & Program Coordinator, Knowledge Repository Coordinator and Members at large. In addition, there are members committees which address specific interests of SROATUG members. Directors represent the SROATUG membership at large on policy issues, relations with Oracle Corporation, conference planning, and over-all user affairs.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee responds to inquiries from prospective members, provides direction in the performance of membership administrative tasks, and enforces membership policy decisions of the Board of Directors. The primary responsibility of the Membership Committee is to represent the best interests of SROATUG members and continue to enhance member benefits.

Conference Committee

The Conference Committee constructs the conference agenda, reviews papers and proposals for training, and organizes all details surrounding the organization and implementation of our quarterly conferences. The Conference Committee may include multiple subcommittees which address specific areas of conference responsibilities.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee reviews and approves all SROATUG communications, including SROATUG Newsletter, SROATUG's Web site content, and any membership publications. The committee also makes recommendations on advertising rates.

Speaker Committee

The Speaker Committee finds, reviews and approves all SROATUG presenters, including their topics, abstracts, presentations, and slides.  The committee also makes recommendations on topics which are keenly of interest to our members.