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SROATUG events are arranged for all Oracle Applications users in the South Western United States including anywhere near Southern California, including Los Angeles/Orange Counties, Nevada, and Arizona.) SROATUG's goal is to keep users informed of new directions in the Oracle product line. We strive to provide an open educational forum for sharing information and experiences on the selection, implementation and effective use of the Oracle Applications e-Business Suite products and its underlying technology. There are many additional benefits and discounts as part of your affiliation. - Join Us by Adding our Geo to your OATUG Profile

Latest News

  • SROATUG Oct 2021 - Sponsored Webinar - Worlds Fastest EBS Reporting

    When: Thu, October 14, 2021 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM PDT

    We are excited to be introducing new features in Blitz Report that really help make EBS reporting easier, faster and more efficient. Blitz Report users can define a pivot tables for an existing report as well as including a pre-design Excel template with imbedded analysis tools such as charts and graphs and the Excel template data is refreshed each time the report is run.

    These new features will save users significant amounts of times as they’ll receive their completed report directly from the server. The really good news is that these features can be added to any existing EBS report, importing from BI Publisher report or Discoverer worksheets, and of course when creating a new report from scratch.

    Speaker: Beth Skerrett, Enginatics
  • SROATUG July 2021 - Sponsored Webinar - The Value of Test Automation in the Cloud

    When: Thu, Jul 22, 2021 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM PDT

       In today’s business environment, success depends on real-time, intelligent decision-making, based on real-time data from all parts of the organization. The move to Oracle Fusion Cloud Apps offers code currency, end-to-end data sharing and visibility, while lowering the total cost of ownership.
      With Fusion Cloud Applications, Oracle now delivers new updates every quarter. Whether you’re an end-customer or a systems integrator, you have to understand what’s new, what features are delivered enabled, and what features you might want to ‘turn on’. But whether you choose to enable anything or not, our experience tells us that you still need to test.
        Regression testing for an update will test for code-changes that will negatively impact on system performance or user experience. Or if you’ve chosen to turn on a new feature, you need to consider how that feature is going to impact current processes and down-stream procedures. Using Dimension SwifTest significantly reduces the time and effort associated with functional testing. It is the easiest way to set up and execute your testing without the need for specialist test engineers or programmers.

    In this session, you will hear:
    - How to reduce the time and effort of functional testing.
    - How test managers can view the progress and results of the test, at a project level.
    - How end-to-end processes can be tested by combining and automating scripts

    Tyler Price, DWS
  • SROATUG June 2021 - Sponsored Webinar - Total Payment Automation: Closing the Last Mile

    When: Mon, Jun 28, 2021 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM PDT

    This short 30-minute webinar by APRO Software Solutions will showcase how APRO Banking Gateway enables the business to have consistent, systemized controls for payments for every country and a single portal for approvals and reconciliation across all banks. In addition, it will enhance controls and free up valuable IT time from maintenance of multiple host-to-host connections between Oracle ERP and your various banks and branches. During this webinar we will highlight the following product features:
    • Automate and digitize your entire payment process; payment validation, approval, formatting, securing, transmission, acknowledgement, voiding and clearing
    • Get a completely automated payment process without development or long projects
    • Increase the number of successful payments
    • Protect the payment process from human errors and fraud
    • Move to touchless payments with confidence
    • Track payments seconds after payments are transferred to your bank

    Geert Mouwen, Managing Consultant

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