About the Projects SIG


Established in 1994, the Oracle Projects SIG represents the interest of Oracle Projects applications users worldwide who are interested in making best use of the applications in their project-driven organizations. Our goal is to provide a forum for the sharing of information and experiences on best practices and effective use of Oracle's Projects applications. The group also strives to solicit feedback from the user community and communicate that to Oracle, so that recommended enhancements and new functionality will influence the future development and direction of the Projects suite of applications.

Our objective is to promote the optimum benefit-of-use of Oracle's Projects applications by supporting education and training programs, conference sessions, publications, and electronic knowledge sharing of information about the use of Oracle Projects applications.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Oracle Projects Special Interest Group (Projects SIG) is to encourage broad use of the product family by providing a formal structure for:

  • Educating new, existing, and prospective users of the product family.
  • Influencing the product’s direction, including enhancements, training, support, consulting, and documentation.
  • Disseminating information from Oracle and other parties related to the products.